Endless Space 2 bugs: lags, crashes, multiplayer won’t sync, and more

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Endless Space 2 is now live. The game challenges you to take on the role of the leader guiding a civilization making its first steps into the depths of interstellar space.

This sci-fi turn-based strategy game will take you to far away, mysterious star systems where you’ll discover the secrets of ancient races, develop advanced technologies, and encounter new life forms.

Unfortunately, for many players, this will be a bumpy ride. Gamers report that Endless Space 2 is sometimes affected by a series of technical issues that range from FPS drops and stuttering to random crashes.

Endless Space 2 reported issues

FPS drops

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I purchased Endless Space 2 last night and have been enjoying it immensely. I haven’t ran into any game-breaking issues or bugs but there is something that is bothering me. Every 10-15 seconds, my frames will drop from a solid 60 to somewhere in the low 30’s and then return back to 60 immediately. This isn’t a huge issue because it is a turn-based game and it is barely noticeable, but sometimes when I am panning the camera it hitches for a second.

Endless Space 2 won’t load

when endless space 2 is on the loading screen, the bar gets full, but it just stays that way, it doesnt stop responding or anything, it just does nothing.

Multiplayer sync issues

ALWAYS , when I finished my turn as host, my brother is still doing his turn. I than open ANY INFO screen, like Diplo, Marktplace , doesn’t matter which screen …

and in the meantime brother ends his turn, I am getting a desync on my side as host. My brother had never any. (we already played over 200 turns)  We could continue the game, without any problem, but since that time, I will get now every turn that desync message !

The election screen won’t work

I am not only unable to go to the next election stage, but unable to skip it. This only happens every so often. Not all elections for me.

If you’ve encountered this problem, try pressing  Alt + F4 then load the autosave. The game should bring you back right after the election process.

Players can’t harvest basic resources

Funny bug. Even didn’t happen during beta. Though the strategic resource has always been a pain in the xxx. Like say the first strategic resource you get is titanium, you can never harvest the other one in any way. And the tech has already been researched.

Endless Space 2 crashes

Recently, my game has been crashing roughly every ten turns. […] I thought I could fix an ‘Acces Violation’ by running the game as an admin from the installation directory, which, interestingly, let me play a full 140-turns-game without a crash. Closed the game, turned the PC off, went to bed, played again on the next day, played for 40 turns (as an Admin), CRASH. Now they seem to leave me alone for around 30 to 40 turns after a reboot, then the game crashes every ten turns until I reboot my PC.

Endless Space 2 lags

Anyoone else getting really laaggy performance and stuttering in the late game? Enjoying ES2 a lot, but this is definitely annoying as heck.

Players can’t attack alien races

Has anyone else have an issue where even if you declare war against a race your still unable to attack them?

These are the most common Endless Space 2 issues reported by gamers. If you’ve come across any workarounds to fix the bugs listed above, feel free to add the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.