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  • Event log analyzer is an essential tool for troubleshooting and optimizing your IT infrastructure.
  • It can detect failed services and alerts the administrator for quick troubleshooting.
  • While Open-source event log analyzers provide sufficient features, other app offer more insight.
  • If you need an event log explorer, be sure to check the recommendations from this guide.
event log analyzer
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Troubleshooting and prevention are the two important tasks that the Event Log analyzer helps you perform and are essential to keep your network and business up and running.

The event log data is a critical aspect of troubleshooting any issue within your network or system. While you can use Windows Event Viewer, dedicated log analyzer tools are an excellent alternative offering better visualization and GUI experience.

What is an event log analysis?

Event log analysis is the process of analyzing logs to diagnose problems and disruptions and to find the source of the problem. Specialized log monitoring tools allow you to diagnose with a more detailed analysis and a comprehensive overview.

In this article, we take a look at the best event log analyzer tools that provide more visibility into logs for network administrators.

What is the best event log analyzer?

PRTG Network Monitor

event log analyzer

PRTG Network Monitor is an all-in-one network monitoring solution that analyzes your entire network and alerts you in case of an event. For network analysis, it uses the Windows Event Log Sensors to let you monitor Windows log files.

With the PRTG Network Monitor, you can keep an eye on all the most important logs. It can also monitor servers, bandwidth, and applications. All the data is presented in a visual format on a centralized dashboard. 

Network admins can configure alarms to send alerts only if a certain situation arises. The personalized dashboard displays all your monitoring data on a dashboard.

Key features of PRTG Network Monitor :

  • Centralized tool to monitor network, servers, bandwidth, and applications.
  • Customizable alarm with filter criteria for log sensors 
  • Personalized dashboard for reading monitoring data 
  • Multiple log sensors compatible with Windows Event logger
PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

Keep a close eye on your network and analyze event logs with PRTG Network Monitor software.

Free trialVisit website

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

event log analyzer

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer allows you to understand what’s happening in your network and gain insights into potential security risks and prevent them before they happen by analyzing your logs.

Real-time event log correlation allows you to instantly detect attack attempts and trace potential security threats. It can audit log data from perimeter devices, including routers, switches and provide valuable insights.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer also comes with in-depth auditing capabilities, augmented threat intelligence, comprehensive log management, and high-speed log processing capabilities to offer an all-in-one log management solution.

Key features of ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer:

  • Detect attacks attempts and log data from multiple devices 
  • Integrated compliance management 
  • Augments threat intelligence 
  • Comprehensive log management, including analysis 

Get ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer


event log analyzer

InsightOps, previously known as Logentries, is an event log analyzer tool that combines log management with infrastructure monitoring. You can easily consolidate logs in real-time from your IT infrastructure on a centralized console.

With InsightOps, you can analyze live logs and performance metrics with real-time alerts, track software usage, audio user logins, identify network misconfiguration, and more.

Key features of InsightOps:

  • Centralized data collection from any source in multiple formats 
  • Monitor metrics like CPU, memory, disk usage in real-time
  • Quickly identify and resolve errors 
  • Helps maintain compliance standard 

Get InsightOps


event log analyzer  Free

LOGalyze is an open-source, centralized log management and network monitoring software. It can handle all your log data from Linux servers, network devices, and Windows hosts in one place.

LOGalyze can identify the collected logs, and classify them by source host, severity, type, and splits them to fields and stores for efficient analysis.

Key features of LOGalyze:

  • Collects event logs from multiple sources 
  • Offers multi-dimensional statistics 
  • Predefined compliance reports and custom reports
  • Collects event logs from distributed Windows hosts
  • Automated classification for efficient analysis 

Get LOGalyze


event log analyzer

Splunk is a known name in the world of log management. Its log analysis software can collect, index, and visualize reports generated from Windows, Linux, and other machines in any format.

Splunk log analysis software applies structure and scheme only at search time. It also gives the option to zoom in and out of timelines and uses proprietary Splunk Search Processing Language for search queries.

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Key features of Splunk:

  • Collects and indexes data from multiple sources 
  • 140+ commands to perform searches, calculate metrics, and more
  • Utilizes Splunk Search Processing Language for search 

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Sematext Logs

Sematext Logs Logsene is a security and scalable monitoring and logging service. It offers a fast, powerful search with over 75+ integration for third-party apps such as PagerDuty, HipChat, BigPanda, and more.

Sematext Logs allows you to ship data with your favorite log shipper, offers centralized logging to store logs from any data source, and customize alerts for troubleshooting.

Key features of Sematext Logs:

  • Multi-user access control for administrator 
  • 75+ built-in third-party apps integration 
  • Hosted ELK as a service with centralized logging 
  • Customized alerts on logs 

Get Sematext Logs

Site24x7 Log Management

Site24x7 Log Management allows you to manage massive volumes of log data with threshold-based alerting via email, SMS, and voice calls. This easy-to-use web client helps you derive quick and actionable insights from the logs.

Agile log monitoring with visual aids allows you to troubleshoot faster with keyword-based searches and visual aids like the graph. It can recognize common application logs, including Apache, NGIN, Log4Net, NLog, and more out of the box.

Key features of Site24x7 Log Management:

  • Agile log monitoring with visual aids 
  • Support for common application logs
  • Log management from different cloud service providers
  • Customized alerts 

Get Site24x7 Log Management

Netwrix Event Log Manager

Netwrix Event Log Manager is a freeware tool that collects Windows server event logs from systems across your network and alerts on critical events in real-time.

It compresses collected logs and achieves them in a file system for further analysis. Netwrix Event Log Manager Eliminates the need to sift through separate logs from multiple Windows servers in your network.

Key features of Netwrix Event Log Manager:

  • Offers all event log data in a single view
  • Be notified about critical events 
  • Keep event logs stored for further analysis 

Get Netwrix Event Log Manager


LogRhythm is a cloud-based SIEM platform that allows you to manage SEIM infrastructure, administration, upgrades, or troubleshooting capacity issues. 

LogRhythm offers high-performance search analytics, integrated threat and business context, IOC-and TTP-based scenarios analytics, pervasive forensic visibility, and comprehensive compliance automation.

Key features of LogRhythm:

  • High-performance search analytics 
  • Layered security operations metrics 
  • Machine Assisted threat hunting 

Get LogRhythm


DataDog is a log management solution that unifies logs, metrics, and traces in a single view offering a rich context for analyzing log data. Insights offered by the tool can be used to troubleshoot issues, optimize performance or investigate security threats. 

Some of the notable features offered by DataDog include search, filter and ability to analyze logs on the go, and build consistent, structured databases from your raw log data, and the ability to generate metrics from all logs.

Key features of DataDog:

  • Seamless dashboard navigation for faster troubleshooting 
  • Ingest, Live Tail, and archive everything 
  • Support for 170+ common technologies 

Get DataDog 

A dedicated event log analyzer can offer more insights than the Windows Event Viewer. You can analyze the log files to monitor network infrastructure and security threats. 

Explore the log management tools listed in this article to efficiently manage Windows event log data to optimize and troubleshoot your IT infrastructure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The event viewer utilities like third-party event log management solutions can help you analyze events on the affected machine.

  • You can check event logs on Windows machines using the built-in Event Viewer or use third-party event log viewers.

  • The main event viewer keeps the log files for 14 days by default. However, you can change this to preserve the logs for a longer time in the settings. Other log monitoring software might hold logs for longer.

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