You will soon be able to join FaceTime calls on your PC

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • Apple's new FaceTime calling app is going to be available also for Windows PC and Android users.
  • You will be able to share a link to invite people to a meeting just like on Zoom.
  • A new feature called SharePlay will allow you to watch and listen to media with the participants.
  • The new improved version will probably be launched in fall, together with a new OS.
You will be able to join FaceTime calls on your PC
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FaceTime is Apple’s video calling app for all its devices, and like most of its software, it was only meant to be used within their separate environment.

They are definitely not friendly with any other systems, and we have plenty of such problems as Apple devices not being able to connect to Windows 10.

That’s why their announcement during WWDC surprised everyone. Apple’s officials said that FaceTime will be available on the web so Windows and Android users can call from their PCs and smartphones.

That means that the company is turning FaceTime into a Zoom-like application available on multiple platforms.

What are the new FaceTime features?

This new availability announcement is part of a bigger update of FaceTime. The video calling method will be similar to the one from Zoom, where you will be able to share an invitation link.

However, there are more to come for the updated app. For instance, you will be able to blur your background with the portrait mode and you will have a new grid view option.

The sound quality will also be improved with a new voice isolation feature that will bring more clarity and you will also benefit from spatial audio.

However, the most important update for FaceTime is the new SharePlay feature. You will be able to meet with your peers in a call and watch or listen to the same video or song.

You will be able to just share the content from a lot of sources including HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, Twitch, and the Apple on-demand services by dragging it onto your screen and sharing it.

When is the new FaceTime coming?

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t specify a certain date for the release, but FaceTime’s updates are related to iOS updates so, they will probably do it this fall, together with iOS 15.

With these exciting announcements, Apple is definitely trying to get some of the traction that other video calling apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom got during this pandemic.

Not long ago, Microsoft Teams has also seen some important improvements so it’s obvious that these services certainly still have reasons to grow.

However, FaceTime will probably appeal more to non-business users and the SharePlay feature is clearly meant to become the next hangout place for you and your friends.

What do you think about Apple’s new move with FaceTime? Tell us your opinion in a comment below.

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