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  • Fallout: New Vegas is the 4th major installment in the post-apocalyptic Fallout game series.
  • Despite being released back in 2010, it is still as popular today as it was back then.
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Fallout New Vegas is out of memory

Fallout New Vegas is a popular action role-playing video game available on Windows and other gaming platforms. However, due to a bug in the game, you may encounter the out of memory error during the gameplay.

While the error message seems to make it look like an issue with the lack of graphics memory, the error is caused by a glitch that prevents the game from using more than 2GB of RAM.

If you are also troubled by this error, here are a couple of troubleshooting tips to help you resolve the Fallout New Vegas out of memory error in Windows.

How do I fix the Fallout New Vegas out of memory error?

1. Use FNV 4GB Patcher

Fallout New Vegas out of memory

  1. Open the FNV 4GB Patcher link. You may need to register a free account to download the file.
  2. Scroll down and click the File tab.
  3. Click on Manual Download to download the file and save the file to your computer.
  4. Extract the file downloaded to your computer to the following location: C:/ProgramsFiles(x86)/Steam/SteamApp/common/falloutnewvegas
  5. Once extracted, locate and right-click on the FalloutNVpatch.exe file in the folder.
  6. Select Run as Administrator from the options. This will execute the patcher and create a backup of the game’s original file.
  7. In the Fallout New Vegas folder, search for the *ini file.
  8. Right-click on the first ini file and select Properties.
  9. In the General tab, check the Read-only Attribute.
  10. Click Apply and OK to save the changes.
  11. Repeat the steps with all the ini files in the folder.
  12. Launch Steam and run Fallout New Vegas and check if the error is resolved.

The Fallout New Vegas 4GB patcher is a simple mod that makes the Fallout New Vegas 4GB aware and automatically loads NVSE if it exists. It allows the game to use 4GB of Virtual Memory Address Space, thus fixing the Out of Memory error.

Fallout 4 doesn’t work in Windows 10? Try these steps!

2. Use New Vegas Stutter Remover tool out of memory error

    1. Open the Stutter Remover link.
    2. Scroll down and open the Files tab.
    3. Click on the Manual Download button and download the file to your computer.
    4. Extract and open the downloaded file.
    5. Open the Data folder and navigate to Data > NVSE > Plugins.
    6. Select all the files in the Plugins folder and copy them.
    7. Next, navigate the following location: C:/ProgramsFiles(x86)/Steam/SteamApp/common/falloutnewvegas
    8. Open the Data folder in the Fallout New Vegas folder.
    9. Click the New Folder button and name the folder as NVSE.
    10. In the NVSE folder, create another folder called Plugins.
    11. Open the Plugins folder and paste all the files copied previously.
    12. Open Steam and launch Fallout New Vegas.
    13. Check if the error Fallout New Vegas out of memory is resolved.

The second method, combined with the first method for sure, will fix the Fallout New Vegas memory error, especially if you are on a lower end computer with performance issues.

The Fallout New Vegas out of memory error is caused due to a bug in the game that prevents the game from utilizing more than 2GB of RAM. With the help of two mods listed in this article, you can fix the error and continue with your gaming sessions.

FAQs: Learn more about Fallout: New Vegas

  • Is Fallout: New Vegas a full game?

Yes, Fallout New Vegas is a standalone game with hours of the main story followed by the optional DLCs and side questions. However, the game is a partial continuation of the storyline of the first two Fallout games.

  • Is Fallout: New Vegas worth playing?

Judging by forum discussions, many players agree that Fallout: New Vegas is arguably the best game in the series, having been at one point one of the best RPGs on the market.

  • How much does Fallout: New Vegas cost?

Depending on where you buy it from, you can get it as low as 9.99$.