5 of the best file deletion software for Windows 10

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When you delete files with File Explorer, they’re usually erased to the Recycle Bin. Thus, they’re not really deleted until you empty that. Even then you might still be able to restore some erased files with file recovery software. So it’s better to add some third-party utilities to Windows 10. These are five of the best software packages for Windows 10, and other platforms, that you can erase files more thoroughly with.

CCleaner (recommended)


CCleaner is an award-winning utility that the Piriform website proudly boasts has had 1.5 billion downloads. It has an intuitive UI, extensive options for deleting files and consumes minimal system resources. You can add a freeware version to Windows from this page, and CCleaner also has a Professional version (retailing at $24.95) that include much more options.

The freeware version alone is a great utility. Its Cleaner tool scans for both Windows system and third-party software junk files to free up considerable disk space. You can scan and clean the registry with CCleaner. It includes Uninstall and Startup tools to remove software and startup entries with. The Professional and Plus versions also provide scheduled cleanup and disk defrag options.

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Eraser is software designed to provide more thorough file deletion. With 13 erasing algorithms, this is one of the most effective file deleter utilities for Windows 10. And it’s freeware software you can add to your hard disk from this website page.

In Eraser you can specifically select the files to delete instead of just running general scans. The software integrates with Windows Shell so that you can select an Erase option from file context menus. To more securely delete files and folders, its default Gutmann erasure method overwrites files multiple times. Furthermore, the utility also enables you to set up erasure schedules.

File Shredder


File Shredder is another great freeware utility for more thorough file deletion. The software includes five algorithms to delete files with. Although a little more limited than Eraser, it’s still a very efficient filer deleter. Click Download File Shredder – 2.3 MB on the program’s website to save its setup wizard to Windows.

File Shredder has a straightforward UI that enables users to erase files in just a few clicks. It includes a Shred Free Disk Space option to erase free disk space across disk volumes. In addition, the software also adds delete options to file context menus if you select Enable Shell Integration.

Secure Eraser


This is a great multipurpose file eraser that also makes the most of high-end deletion algorithms. Secure Eraser is a versatile utility with a decent UI design. The software has a freeware and Professional version retailing at 20 euros. Press the Download button on Secure Eraser’s home page to save the setup wizard.

Aside from its thorough deletion of selected files and folders, the software can erase partitions and drives. It includes a registry cleaner and system cleaner for deleting junk files. Secure Eraser can also generate HTML deletion reports, which isn’t something every file deletion utility provides.

Moo0 File Shredder

Moo0 File Shredder boasts four algorithms to delete files with. Moo0 has a relatively basic UI compared with some of the other software here, but you can purge files in a few clicks with the utility. It’s freeware you can install from this Softpedia page.


One great thing about the Moo0 UI is that you can drag files into a Drop Box to delete them, which is handy. Then you can select a shredding level from its convenient drop-down menu. You can select Vaporize, Into Ashes, Extra Carefully and Shred Once, which is the least effective deletion. Vaporize is based on the Gutmann algorithm and is the most thorough deletion method.

Now you can really delete your files with these terrific utilities for Windows. They have the most efficient deletion techniques to purge documents and folders with. You also erase lots of Windows system and junk files with those software packages to free up some disk space.

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