5+ best file deletion software for Windows 10 [2021 Guide]

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  • If you want to completely remove files from your PC, you need dedicated file deletion software.
  • A good file deleter solution will completely wipe out the data making it impossible to retrieve.
  • The top Windows 10 file deleter software on our list uses 13 advanced algorithms to erase data.
  • Check out all our suggestions because you will find different approaches to securing your files.
best file deletion software
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When you delete files with File Explorer, they’re usually sent automatically to the Recycle Bin folder.

Thus, they’re not really deleted until you empty them. Even then you might still be able to restore some erased files with file recovery software.

Therefore, it’s better to add some third-party utilities to Windows 10 if you want to ensure your files will be permanently deleted.

These are the best software packages for Windows 10, and other platforms with which you can erase files more thoroughly.

What are the best tools to erase data and files on Windows 10?

Easy File Shredder

Even after emptying your Recycle Bin and even quick formatting your hard drive doesn’t completely delete your files. A file recovery software can recover them and access your sensitive data.

Easy File Shredder is not just deleting the files, it shreds them digitally so that nobody can recover them, and it also wipes the free disk space so that your files are safely removed from any drive.

And we mean any drive because it can also shred files on USB drives and SD cards, an extremely useful feature if you use those media to transport sensitive files.

When you delete a file, even if you hold the Shift key to bypass the Recycle bin, Windows doesn’t remove the file, it only marks the space as free, and it can take a while until it writes new data on that space.

Easy File Shredder uses no less than 13 advanced algorithms used by the US Army and the US Department of Defence that overwrites data on many levels so that the data cannot be retrieved.

Moreover, this tool can also shred the free space on your drive so you can make sure that it is truly free. So if you’re planning to sell or give away your PC, use Easy File Shredder so you can make sure that your data is secure.

Let’s review the best features of Easy File Shredder:

  • 13 advanced algorithms for file shredding used by officials
  • Fast and complete wipe of the files and the free space of a drive
  • Can be used on any drive, including USB flash drives and memory cards
  • Very friendly interface and easy to use, three steps mechanism
Easy File Shredder

Easy File Shredder

Easy File Shredder will completely wipe out any data from any internal or external drives, including Flash drives and memory cards.

Free trialVisit website

BitRaser File Eraser

Bitraser File Eraser

BitRaser File Eraser is useful for erasing sensitive files, folders, application traces, system traces, Internet activities, or volumes from Windows-based systems and supported storage devices beyond the scope of recovery.

Unlike similar tools, this one is 100% safe for the system, as it never makes the mistake of erasing operating system files.

This isn’t just a simple file eraser. Aside from its data deletion key feature, it offers advanced options to schedule file eraser tasks at a predefined date and time. 

Moreover, it guarantees file erasure beyond recovery via two simultaneous verification methods – Random Verification and Total Verification.

Don’t hesitate to evaluate and extensively use the software free trial to get rid of any confidential files that you want to eliminate.

BitRaser File Eraser

BitRaser File Eraser

Easily delete all your unwanted data and schedule future file eraser tasks with BitRaser!

Check priceVisit website


CCleaner is an award-winning utility that the Piriform website proudly boasts has had more than 1.5 billion downloads.

It has an intuitive UI, extensive options for deleting files, and consumes minimal system resources.

You can add a freeware version to Windows from this page, and CCleaner also has a Professional version that includes many more options.

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The freeware version alone is a great utility. Its Cleaner tool scans for both Windows system and third-party software junk files to free up considerable disk space.

You can scan and clean the registry with CCleaner. It includes Uninstall and Startup tools to remove software and startup entries.

The Professional and Plus versions also provide scheduled cleanup and disk defrag options.



Get CCleaner to delete junk files from your system with a minimum of used resources!

IObit Unlocker

IObit Unlocker

IObit Unlocker can manage all your files and folders to keep them safe and available. The user interface is incredibly easy to use and there are no complex operations required in order to manage it.

If you want to delete, unlock, rename, move, copy, and so on, according to your specific needs, you just drag and drop the locked file or folder into IObit Unlocker interface and choose the delete option.

Let’s have a look at some of iObit Unlocker features:

  • Easily unlock all files
  • Keep files safe and secure
  • Manage user permissions: run, copy, read, move, delete, modify
IObit Unlocker

IObit Unlocker

Delete all files and keep them protected with the incredibly easy-to-use IObit Unlocker!

Kernel File Shredder

File Shredder is another great utility for more thorough file deletion.

The tool provides an easy alternative to completely erase confidential or no longer wanted files from your PC.

By putting the advanced file shredding algorithms on which the software relies to work, you prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive data.

You can even schedule file shredding tasks, rename the files before shredding them, and create log files to store shredding operation information.

File Shredder has a straightforward UI that enables users to erase files in just a few clicks.

Kernel File Shredder

Kernel File Shredder

Hit the button to get Kernel File Shredder and have no concerns for your unwanted and confidential PC files! 

Check priceVisit website

Secure Eraser


This is a great multipurpose file eraser that also makes the most of high-end deletion algorithms. Secure Eraser is a versatile utility with a decent UI design.

The software has a freeware version, but also a professional one.

Aside from its thorough deletion of selected files and folders, the software can erase partitions and drives.

It includes a registry cleaner and system cleaner for deleting junk files.

Secure Eraser can also generate HTML deletion reports, which isn’t something every file deletion utility provides.

Secure Eraser

Secure Eraser

For a safer solution, check out Secure Eraser for a complete deletion of your sensitive and confidential data or drives!

Check priceVisit website

Now you can really delete your files with these terrific utilities for Windows.

They have the most efficient deletion techniques to purge documents and folders with. You can also erase lots of Windows systems and junk files with those software packages to free up some disk space.

Let us know which one worked best for you by leaving your feedback in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can just use the Shift + Del keyboard combination to permanently delete your file or use a specialized software solution to render your document unrecoverable.

  • A deleted file is just removed from your PC and it can be recovered from the Recycle Bin. Shredding the file, on the other hand, makes sure that the document won’t be recoverable anymore.

  • Yes, the process is called wiping and can be easily done with specialized HDD wiping tools.

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