Best 7 Software to Delete Files That Cannot be Deleted

Tested and trusted list software to remove any file from your PC

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  • Finding the best software that deletes undeletable files can be stressful, which might not offer you great results.
  • To reach and delete unwanted files, the tool needs to ensure that all traces are removed and that it is easy to use.
  • Another essential aspect of good file removal software is covering internal and external storage devices.
software to delete files that cannot be deleted

Trying to delete a file or folder without any success? Unfortunately, it happens to all of us all the time. Unfortunately, some files in your computer are too stubborn and won’t let you clean up the disk and free some space by deleting them.

You can also delete ghost files using the command prompt with a command or by changing the file type.

In this article, we walk you through a few software to delete files that seem undeletable on Windows PC.

How do I delete stubborn files?

Windows have built-in options to help you delete stubborn files. The most common and widely-used method is the DEL command in CMD.

This deletes even ghost files, provided you know their location. However, there are some secured and system files that the built-in option cannot delete. And this is where the use of third-party software comes in.

Below are some of the benefits of using third-party software to delete your files:

  • Total deletion of files without leaving remnants on the PC
  • Speed
  • Can force delete locked files
  • Hard drive clean-up feature to ensure files are not recoverable

What are the best tools to remove any unwanted files?

BitRaser File Eraser – Versatile software


BitRaser from Stellar is an incredibly versatile and thorough software that enables you to easily remove any unwanted files from your PC without leaving any trace.

Not only can you remove files and folders entirely and permanently, but you can also perform the same actions regarding browsing history, saved passwords, etc.

The easy-to-use interface ensures you don’t need to be a computer pro to use it, but it offers pro-level results in a blink.

BitRaser File Eraser

This easy-to-use and thorough software will always ensure that all traces of unwanted files and folders are gone with a few clicks.
Free trial Visit website

Secure Eraser – Built-in disk cleaner

secure eraser

Obliterate files that are tricky to remove without compromising the security of the PC and operating system with Secure Eraser.

Even if data is deleted from a computer, it is not impossible to recover. Confidential information is similar to a memory pattern; it is tough to remove from a system storing it for various purposes.

Secure Eraser uses the most well-known data deletion process, overwriting sensitive data that can never be restored, even with specialized software.

Secure Eraser operates to the tiniest detail and leaves no residues. You can also remove previously deleted files, and this time will be forever gone.

Whenever an action is performed, a clean-up of the hard drive should follow to ensure that it performs smoothly after that.

Since Windows XP, the software has supported all operating system versions, and the Department of Defence of the US and the German industrial standard approves it.

Secure Eraser

Secure Eraser eradicates files, folders, drives, recycle bins or traces of surfing to the tiniest detail.
Free trial Visit website

Easy File Shredder – External drive compatibility

easy file

Easy File Shredder does precisely what its title suggests, cleaning any trace of unwanted files and folders from your PC.

This fantastic app removes the files and ensures no trace remains, making the extracted data unrecoverable.

The features included in this powerful software protect your entire hard drive, and it can be used to extend its capabilities even to USB drivers and SD cards.

Easy File Shredder

Ensure that none of the files and folders you want to be removed from your hard drive or external device leaves any traces behind.
Free trial Visit website

Wise Force Deleter – Intuitive interface

wise software to delete files that cannot be deleted

Wise Force Deleter is free software that lets you delete any file on your Windows system (64 and 32-bit). It is designed and tested to run smoothly on Windows operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 11.

Wise Force Deleter has a simple and highly intuitive UI with drag-and-drop functions, making it a breeze for you.

Once you install it, a new Force Delete option will appear in the dialogue box. Right-click a protected file and pick Force Remove, which will open the Wise Force Deleter to unlock and delete it. The file can then be unlocked and removed from your Windows PC in seconds.

You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee and live technical support 24/7.

Wise Force Deleter

Wise Force Deleter allows you to unlock and delete any file in Windows OS without any difficulties.
Free trial Visit website

Malwarebytes – Safe software


Malwarebytes is known for its popular Malwarebytes Antivirus solution, which is effective and one of the lightest antiviruses you can install on your PC. But, above all, it works.

This powerful software removes any traces available of the apps and files you’re trying to get rid of, thus making it a viable option.

Besides performing these tasks without problems, it also keeps your computer safe from any malware intrusions while also removing any threats found at this time on your PC.


Use this great software to remove traces of malicious files from your computer without any remaining pieces.
Free trial Visit website

IObit Unlocker – Dynamic file deleter

iobit software

IObit Unlocker is a free utility from the developers at IObit. The company makes system utility tools for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

IObit Unlocker is a free software for Windows devices that can help you to solve error messages while trying to delete files.

The software supports all the versions of Windows since XP. In addition, IObit Unlocker offers multiple ways to manage files, including Delete, Rename, Move, Unlock, and Copy.

You can use multiple files and unlock them simultaneously. Simply click the small + Add button and select any other file you want to unlock or delete.

Once you select the file, you can check the status of the file. Click the small drop-down button beside the Unlock button and select the appropriate action.

IObit Unlocker

IObit Unlocker is a handy tool that gives you full control over the contents of your hard drive.

LockHunter – Built-in file deletion scheduling

lock hunter

LockHunter is another free file unlocker software available for Windows computers.

It can help you delete malware-infected or system-protected files with a single click. In addition, all the deleted files are moved to the Recycle Bin, just in case you need to restore an important file after deleting it accidentally.

It shows the process that keeps the file locked, can unload DDLS from the process, supports Explorer menu integration for easier access, and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit edition Windows.

LockHunter also allows you to unlock, delete, copy or rename a locked file, schedule file deletion on the following OS restart and remove the locked process from the hard drive.

Get LockHunter 

Whether you want to deal with a malicious virus-infected file that hides delete and right-click options to a file with permission issues, you can download any of these file unlocker software to get the job done.

Ensure you always create a restore point before making significant changes to your computer, including deleting undeletable/locked files.

Are you looking for a list of the best file recovery software instead? Then, check our detailed guide for the top options available.

Please let us know the software you enjoy using from our list in the comments below.

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