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If you are worried about renaming your files, we have got you covered. Today, we have come up with the best file rename software which you can use.

Sometimes, Windows users go online to source for files such as: documents and images, for organizational purposes, these files are often renamed.

However, we have successfully compiled a list of great file renaming software which will suit your needs perfectly.

Best file rename tools for PCs

1. Mytoolsoft File Renamer

mytoolsfot file renamer

Sometimes a simple to use tool is the best, and Mytoolsoft File Renamer is such application. In order to rename multiple files, you just need to add those files to the File Renamer and choose the desired rename method.

There are 7 different renaming methods available, meaning that you can easily add prefix or suffix to your files. You can also find certain segments in the file name and replace them. Case conversion option is also available, and there’s support for ordered numbering, so you can easily number all your files.

There are two special modes available for MP3 and photos, and these modes will read ID3 or EXIF data and rename your files according to them. The renaming process is quite simple and it allows you to easily preview all your files before renaming them. Undo option is also available allowing you to easily revert any change.

Mytoolsoft File Renamer is incredibly simple to use, and due to its simple design, it will be perfect for first-time users. It’s worth mentioning that this application can work as a portable application, so you can run it on any PC without installing it. Overall, this is a simple but powerful file renamer, and if you want to rename multiple files, be sure to try Mytoolsoft File Renamer out.


  • A simple and friendly user interface
  • Seven different renaming methods to choose from
  • Ability to rename mp3 files and photos using ID3 or EXIF data
  • File preview and undo option
  • Portable installation

    –  Get now Mytoolsoft File Renamer

2. Algologic Batch File Renamer

Another solid batch file rename software that we want to show you is Batch File Renamer from Algologic. The application has a friendly interface allowing you to easily add the files that you want to rename.

Once you add the desired files, you need to click the Rename Preview button and from there you’ll be able to choose the rename method. You can add prefix or suffix to the file names, but you can also remove all spaces or a specific number of characters.

The application can also find and replace a specific string, which can be a quite useful feature for some users. Case conversion feature is also available, and you can change the case of both the filename and extension simultaneously or just change the case size of the file/extension.

Numbering is also supported, and you can enter the base file name that all files will use, along with the separator and the starting number. Once you set the desired rename options, you’ll be able to preview all your files and make sure that you achieve the desired results. Of course, undo option is also available, so if you change certain file names by accident, you’ll be able to revert the changes.

Overall, Algologic Batch File Renamer is a solid tool and with the ability to apply multiple rename methods simultaneously you’ll be able to achieve some impressive results, so be sure to try it out.


  • Ability to use several renaming methods simultaneously
  • Simple to use user interface
  • Undo option
  • Ability to remove spaces from file names
  • Advanced numbering feature

    –  Download now Algologic Batch File Renamer

3. File Renamer Basic

secure pdf filesThis software can be used effectively to rename multiple files and images. It has a great interface which contains file listing and a directory tree.


  • It supports regular expressions, EXIF, ID3 v1 and ID3 v2, saved profiles for tasks repeated, renaming lists and tag editing.
  • Excellent help files.
  • License: Free (Limited features).
  • It has an interface which is well designed.
  • A solid file for renaming.


  • Subfolder, Undo and logging features are removed from the free version.
  • No regular expression information.

Download File Renamer Basic

4. Bulk Rename Utility

bulk rename utility

This file renaming software is very easy to use. It has a great interface. It is very powerful and highly functional.


  • You can auto date
  • Adding of prefix or suffix is allowed
  • Moving or copying of files to other locations can be done.
  • Regular expressions.
  • Custom file formats.
  • EFIX tags.
  • ID3 v 1 tags
  • License: Free (Private/ Educational use).
  • Very powerful, lots of features, it is a very good renaming software.


  • It has a cluttered interface and lacks ID 3 v 2 support.

Download Bulk Rename Utility

5. Advanced Renamer

This tool has an attractive interface and renames multiple files and folders with renaming methods.


  • It has picture preview.
  • File change list is supported.
  • It has good help files.
  • It supports regular expressions.
  • License: Free
  • Easy to use.


  • Supports just a little of EXIF and ID 3 tags.

Download Advanced Renamer

6. PFrank

secure pdf filesThis file renaming software has a lot of features.


  • It supports Meta data tags for various file types.
  • It can modify file properties and meta tags.
  • License: Free
  • It is the most powerful file renaming software and has supports a lot of features.


  • Harder to use than other file renaming software.
  • It is not good for casual users.

Download PFrank

7. ReNamer

secure pdf filesThis software is very good for renaming files.


  • ReNamer has a good interface.
  • It supports a few different metatags and it is very powerful.
  • It has the PascalScript option for power users.
  • No installation is required.


  • Help guide is not efficient
  • Website might be malicious.

Download ReNamer

8. Metamorphose 2

Metamorphose 2 Beta is very good for renaming files; however, it is complicated, even more than other file renaming software’s.


  • It can rename files and folders simultaneously.
  • It can undo any operation.
  • It uses regular expressions
  • It can read metadata such as EXIF tags and ID3.
  • It can change length of names.
  • It can change case in several ways.
  • It has a great multilingual and platform support.


  • Very complicated to use.

Download Metamorphose 2

9. Rename Master

secure pdf filesThis software is good for file renaming. Your documents, images or photos can be effectively renamed using the ReName master.


  • It supports EXIF and ID 3 tags, scripts and regular expressions.
  • Intelligent number scoring.
  • Renaming of file and folder.
  • Auto-Preview.
  • Custom file list columns.
  • Renaming option for scanning subfolder.
  • Complete Unicode filename support.
  • It does not require installation.

Download Rename Master

10. Wild Rename

secure pdf filesOne of the simplest file rename software is Wild Rename.


  • It can perform tasks with the support of regular expressions.
  • No installation is required.


  • It does not support EXIF or ID 3 tags.

Download Wild Rename

11. Flexible Renamer

For your documents and images renaming, go for this software.


  • It supports invalid character mapping, metadata tags for documents, file attribute modification imaging and audio.
  • Also, it supports Javascript, VB scripts and regular expressions.


  • Learning curve is too steep.

Download Flexible Renamer

12. Rename-It

rename it

This is a very simple program with just a few features.


  • It has an intuitive interface.
  • You can effectively change cases and do some basic cropping.
  • It supports ID 3 tags and regular expressions.


  • It has less functionality than other file renaming software.

Download Rename-It

13. Ant Renamer

secure pdf filesThis software is also good. It can be used to rename your various files.


  • It supports regular expressions, ID 3 v 1 and EXIF tags.
  • Names from an imported file list can be changed.


  • File listing and commands cannot be viewed simultaneously.
  • No ID 3 v 2 support.

Download Ant Renamer

14. 1-4a Rename

1-4a Rename

This is a simple file renaming software for basic day – to- day use.


  • It lacks ID 3 or EXIF support and also, it does not recursive file structure.

Download 1-4a Rename

In conclusion, renaming of documents, images or photos downloaded online before saving on your computer or phone is very important. Most of the software we mentioned above is easy and free to use. Select the one most suitable to fit your needs.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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