Fitbit announces Charge 2 and Flex 2 Fitness Bands

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Charge 2 is the successor to Charge and Charge HR, an upgraded fitness band that counts steps, floors climbed, measures distance, tracks heart rate, active minutes and much more. It also has a new feature called “Reminders to Move”, which encourages users to stay active and shows them friendly messages to do so. The Flex 2 is a swim-proof, swim-tracking wearable that will be sold for $100, $50 cheaper than the Charge 2.

The display of the Charge 2 is four times larger than the Charge HR and its battery lasts up to five days. The device has a quick-release feature that will help users easily swap between bands and the collection includes textured, water-resistant fitness bands that are available in colors such as black, blue, plum, and teal. If you want a more premium look, you can opt for a band made of leather which comes in three color options: blush pink, brown, and indigo.

Fitbit is also offering two Special Edition Series products with a rugged/matte-black gunmetal tracker which is paired with a beveled black Classic band/rose gold tracker that has a quilted lavender Classic band. Also, users can choose one of the seven different clock faces that will show the time and stats.

The Charge 2 received two new tools powered by PurePulse: Cardio Fitness Level and Relax. The former will tell you how fit you are based on your estimated VO2 Max while the latter will offer you breathing sessions that will help you calm your body and mind.

The Fitbit Flex 2 is extremely slim and has a minimalist design, being 30% smaller than its predecessor. The color-coded LED lights from the display will show your activity progress and if you keep your phone nearby, you will be notified about calls and text messages that you receive on it. This wearable will come in colors such as black, gray, yellow, navy, blush pink, lavender and magenta.



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