9Anime not Working on Chrome? Here’s How to Fix it

Some browsers block websites that seem unsafe

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  • 9Anime is the most popular anime streaming website, which delivers HD anime content for free.
  • But recently, several users have reported that they are not able to stream content from 9Anime on Google Chrome.
  • Thankfully, with the solutions in this guide, you will be able to fix several 9Anime errors including 502/521/522/404, and DNS errors.

If you love watching anime online, then 9Anime is the best streaming website. It gives you access to a bunch of exciting animes to watch for free.

The website, which was launched in 2016 has come a long way since its launch and also offers HD quality anime streaming. Moreover, you can watch animes from various genres such as action, comedy, demons, historical, school, romance, and much more.

9Anime keeps itself up to date with the latest releases so that you have the latest episode available to watch for free.

However, during the process of updating or due to some technical glitch, you may come across multiple issues when streaming 9Anime.

Google Chrome users, especially, have reported that for them 9Anime is not working, preventing them to watch their favorite anime online.

The errors come with different error code numbers, but the fact of the matter is that 9Anime is not working for users on Google Chrome. If you are also one of such users and are looking for solutions, then you are in the right place.

Because, in this guide, we will give you solutions to fix 9Anime not working in Chrome issue. Let us check out the guide.

Why is 9Anime not working on Google Chrome?

It is the burning question that we have on our hands. Understand this in a way that since 9Anime is a free website and does not hold any rights to the content that it publishes on its websites, it has to source content, i.e., anime from various sources.

One of the reasons 9Anime is not working on Chrome could be because the original creator of the anime might have caught 9Anime and blocked the website.

There are some other reasons that might trigger 9Anime not working on the Chrome issue, which we have listed below:

  • Ad blockers are conflicting with the website and treating the streaming window as a false positive and blocking it.
  • 9Anime servers may be down because either the website is refreshing with new content or there are some technical difficulties that they are trying to fix.
  • The browser data, i.e., cookies or cache data might be corrupt.
  • The Google Chrome browser is not up to date.
  • Your internet connection isn’t stable.

How can I fix 9Anime error 502 / 521 / 522 / 404 issue?

1. Check 9Anime server status

Often issues related to 9Anime are server-related and they can pop up anytime. They might be undergoing maintenance or having some issues.

In any case, you will see a 9Anime page showing you a server issue error or any error code containing the error message.

You can check the official Reddit page of 9Anime or the official Twitter handle, to check if the website is experiencing any issues or undergoing any refresh. Till that time, all you can do is wait for some time before loading the page back again.

2. Turn off or delete Adblockers

  1. Launch Chrome.
  2. On the top-right toolbar, click on the Adblocker extension.
  3. Turn off or Pause the adblocker and check if this fixes the 9Anime not working on Chrome issue or not.
  4. Alternatively, you can right-click on the Adblocker extension icon.
  5. Select Remove from Chrome.
  6. Again press Remove to uninstall the extension from Google Chrome.

Simply restart the browser and check if this fixes the issue or not. Adblockers, no matter how effective they are, often trigger false positives and can cause multiple issues with websites, especially streaming websites.

Since they block video ads as well, sometimes adblockers may block the content that is streaming. In such a case, you can either disable or pause the adblocker or uninstall it from your browser to see if this fixes the 9Anime not working on Chrome problem.

3. Clear Chrome cookies and cache

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the 3-dot menu button.
  3. Click on Settings.cast option chromecast not showing up
  4. From, the left pane, select Privacy, and Security.
  5. Select Clear browsing data on the right side.clear-browsing-data-metamask-not-working
  6. Check the boxes next to Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data.
  7. Hit the Clear data button.

Cookies and cache data are temporary files that browsers store for all websites to load all the personalized settings and options.

However, if this cache and cookies get corrupt, these can pile up and cause the browser to malfunction. In such a case not only with 9Anime but you will come across errors with other websites as well on Chrome.

So, we would advise you to follow the above steps and clear the browser cookies and cache data and check if this fixes the 9Anime not working on Chrome issue or not.

How can I fix 9Anime DNS error?

Apart from multiple 9Anime error messages with error codes 502 / 521 / 522 / 404, you will come across a specific issue known as 9Anime DNS error.

While you can follow the above steps and try to fix the problem, there are a few more solutions that can possibly help you fix the 9Anime DNS error in case the above solutions don’t work.

➡ Restart your router or modem

The issue with the DNS configurations of your router is the main reason you could come across a 9Anime DNS error.

A simple restart of your router or modem will fix this problem, and will also refresh the internet settings.

If restarting your router does not fix the problem, you can follow this guide and learn how to fix DNS issues on Windows 10/11.

➡ Refresh the webpage

A temporary glitch might be causing the issue with 9Anime. In such a scenario, we would advise you to simply refresh the web page and wait for it to completely load.

➡ Switch to a different browser

Since several user reports are regarding 9Anime not working on Chrome, you can always switch over to a different browser and see if the error exists in those browsers as well.

If you are confused about which browser to choose for your PC and to stream content from 9Anime, you can check out our best browsers for Windows 11 guide.

➡ Try Other 9Anime Mirrors

9Anime is blocked by some ISPs. This is the reason why you are not able to access the website, while your friend with a different ISP is able to stream 9Anime content.

Do not worry, as there are multiple 9Anime mirrors, that you can opt for and check which one works for you. Check out the list of the best 9Anime mirrors:

  • 9anime.to
  • 9anime.id
  • 9anime.pl
  • 9anime.tv

That’s it from us in this guide. We hope the above solutions helped you fix the 9Anime not working on Chrome issue and you got back to streaming your favorite anime on 9Anime.

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