Do you want to fix Bluetooth bugs on Windows 10 May Update?

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After updating to Windows 10 v1903, many users encountered issues with their Bluetooth devices. These problems have to do with connecting or even discovering Bluetooth devices.

In this regard, Microsoft identified compatibility issues caused by older driver versions for Bluetooth from Qualcomm and Realtek.

Also, Microsoft put a hold on Windows 10 v1903 update for computers that have devices with old driver versions. The hold stands until they are updated.

As a result, the May 2019 Update won’t be offered to these devices.

Fix Bluetooth connectivity issues on Windows 10 v1803

Still, even if you already decided to upgrade to Windows 10 v1903, Microsoft recommends that you verify if new drivers are available.

So, as a workaround to the issue, check to see if an updated driver is available for install. In this respect, keep in mind that you should install Realtek drivers above the version 1.5.1011.0 and Qualcomm drivers the version

In case a driver update is necessary, download and install the newest version. If you are not sure how to do that, check our guide on how to update outdated drivers.

Also, Microsoft suggests that you shouldn’t attempt to update manually with the Media Creation Tool or with the Update button until the latest version of the driver has been installed.

Have you encounter Bluetooth issues after Windows 10 v1903 update? Let us know in the comment section below.



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