FIX: Bluetooth settings are missing on Windows 10

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Bluetooth settings missing windows 10

There is no Bluetooth in Windows 10 – what should I do?

  1. Re-enable the Bluetooth driver software
  2. Check whether Bluetooth Support service is on
  3. Install the default drivers
  4. Check whether the drivers are up to date
  5. Download the Bluetooth drivers from the manufacturer’s site
  6. Alternate Boot into Safe and Normal Mode
  7. Enable Bluetooth on taskbar
  8. Use the Bluetooth troubleshooter

Bluetooth is used to connect all kinds of devices to your computer. It could be your keyboard, mouse, phone, headphones and so many more. However, users may sometimes encounter Bluetooth issues on Windows 10. Sometimes, Bluetooth settings are nowhere to be found. If you face this situation, you can find a few ways to fix it in the tutorial below.

SOLVED: Bluetooth settings missing on PC

Solution 1 – Re-enable the Bluetooth driver software in Device Manager

First off, you’re going to disable your Bluetooth driver using the Device Manager feature and then you’ll enable it back on. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Press the Windows key + X
  2. Click on Device Managerdevice-manager
  3. In the Bluetooth section, right click on the Bluetooth Driver Software
  4. Choose Disable device and click yes to confirmbluetooth-disable-device
  5. After it has finished right click on the driver again and choose Enable device

Solution 2 – Check whether Bluetooth Support service is on

If Bluetooth support is disabled, this may explain why your Bluetooth Settings are missing on your computer. So, make sure that Bluetooth support is active. If this is not the case, follow the instructions listed below to enable it manually.

  1. Press the Windows key + R in order to launch the run application
  2. Type service.msc and press OK
  3. Navigate to Bluetooth support service and double click on itbluetooth-support-service
  4. Start the service by clicking the start button
  5. Set the Start up type as Automaticbluetooth-support-service-properties

Solution 3 – Install the default drivers

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter
  3. Expand the Bluetooth category
  4. Right click on the Bluetooth hardware and select Uninstallbluetooth-uninstall-device
  5. Right click on the empty space and select Scan for hardware changesscan-hardware-changes
  6. The computer will automatically install the default drivers
  7. Restart the computer
  8. Open the Bluetooth category again and check if the driver has been successfully installed

Solution 4 – Check whether the drivers are up to date

  1. Launch Device Manager again > go to Bluetooth
  2. Right click on the device > Update driver
  3. Opt for Automatic ( Search automatically for updated driver software).

update bluetooth drivers

Note: If you cannot find any drivers automatically, please go to Solution no.5, that is try to install the drivers after downloading them from the manufacturer’s website and restart your computer.

Solution 5 – Download the Bluetooth drivers from the manufacturer’s site

  1. Download the driver from the manufacturer’s site for Windows 10
  2. Right click on the driver setup file and click on Properties
  3. Click on Compatibility tab and check the box Run this program in compatibility mode for and select Windows 10 from the drop down menu and proceed with the installation
  4. Restart your computer.

Solution 6 – Alternate Boot into Safe and Normal Mode

Some users said that alternating between Safe Boot and Normal Mode fixed the problem. If the issue persists, do try out this suggestions and let us know if it worked for you as well.

  1. Press Windows key + R
  2. Type msconfig and click OK
  3. Go to Boot tab and put a check on Safe Bootsystem-configuration-safe-boot
  4. Reboot the PC – once in Safe mode, the drivers should install automatically
  5. Press Windows key + R
  6. Type msconfig and click OK
  7. Go to Boot tab and uncheck Safe boot
  8. Boot back into normal mode

Solution 7 – Enable Bluetooth on taskbar

  1. Press Windows key + S
  2. Type Bluetooth in the dialogue box
  3. Select Bluetooth and other device settings
  4. Choose More Bluetooth options
  5. Check the box Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area
  6. Press apply to save changes.

Bluetooth and other device settings

Solution 8 – Use the Bluetooth troubleshooter

Windows 10 features a series of built-in troubleshooting tools that can help you fix general technical issues in just a couple of minutes. So, if your Bluetooth Settings are still unavailable, try running the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.

  1. Press the Windows key in order to open the Start menu
  2. Type troubleshooting in the search box
  3. Click on the Troubleshooting tab
  4. Select the option Hardware and Device
  5. Click Next to run Hardware and device troubleshooterhardware-troubleshooter

I hope that one of the solutions described above helped you solve your problem. In order to check if the issue has been solved, please press the Windows key + I and check if the Bluetooth option is there.


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