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How can I fix corrupted Chrome profile on Windows 10?

  1. Remove all Chrome extensions
  2. Run Chrome Cleanup tool
  3. Remove all profiles
  4. Remove default profile manually
  5. Disable Sandbox mode
  6. Remove ad-filtering applications
  7. Block third party extensions

Having trouble with a corrupt Chrome profile? Are you seeing one of the following errors when you open Google Chrome?

  • Your profile could not be opened correctly
  • Your profile cannot be used because it is from a newer Google Chrome version
  • Chrome opens but your account or settings are not available
  • Chrome opens to a blank screen or closes itself immediately

These are indicative of a corrupt Google Chrome profile, or, it can be corrupt settings or extensions added to Chrome to customize its appearance or enable it to do more.

Some of the common fallouts that come with a corrupt Chrome profile include problems running your browser, or slow browser performance, freezing and/or crashes.

Not to worry though, we’ve got solutions that can fix corrupt Google Chrome profile in Windows 10.

Fix corrupt Chrome profile

1. Remove all Chrome extensions

To do this, you first need to close Chrome. On a Windows computer, take the steps below:

  • Click the X at the top corner of the Chrome screen
  • Open task tray and check the tray for Chrome icon.
  • Right click on Chrome logo and select Let Google Chrome Run in the background. This will remove its icon and close Chrome altogether

To remove the Chrome extensions, do the following:

  • Open Chrome and dismiss any error messages you see
  • Click Menu at the top right corner of the Chrome screen
  • Click More Tools
  • Select Extensions
  • A list of all extensions installed will be displayed. Click on the dustbin beside each extension to remove it until the list is empty
  • Quit Chrome and try opening it again. Check if your profile is better now. If not, go to the next solution

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2. Run Chrome Cleanup tool

This is only for Windows computers. To do this, click Chrome Cleanup tool to download the tool. Once downloaded, run it and try opening Chrome again. If this doesn’t fix corrupt Chrome profile, try resetting Chrome as explained in the next solution.

3. Reset Google Chrome

This resets default settings without deleting your data. To do this:

  • Open Chrome and dismiss error messages
  • Click Menu at the top right corner of the Chrome screen
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down and click Show advanced settings
  • Scroll down again and click Reset settings
  • Click Reset to confirm
  • Close Chrome completely
  • Restart Chrome and see if your profile is restored

4. Remove all profiles

Once you sign into Chrome, a profile is created. Removing it will also remove everything about it like your saved passwords, bookmarks and the history. To remove a profile (or all profiles) do this:

  • Open Chrome and dismiss error messages
  • Click Menu at the top right corner of the Chrome screen
  • Click Settings
  • Go to People section and look at the list of profiles
  • Click a profile to highlight it
  • Click Remove and repeat for each profile listed
  • Quit Chrome and restart again. This will create a new profile for you.

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5. Remove default profile manually

If you want to fix corrupt Chrome profile, you may have to remove the default profile manually. This will also remove all the user settings. To do this:

  • Right click Start
  • Select Run

  • In the Run box, type %LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser Data
  • Click OK
  • The folder will open, right click on the Default folder
  • Select Rename
  • Change the name to Backup Default. This makes Chrome create a new Default profile and discard the previous one
  • Close the folder
  • Open Chrome again. A brand new profile will be in use and will open correctly

6. Disable Sandbox mode

This can cause a corrupt Chrome profile error, so you need to disable the Sandbox mode to prevent temporary suspension of some features in Chrome. To do this:

  • Right click Chrome icon on your desktop
  • Select Properties

  • Click Shortcut tab

  • Add this command at the end of the Target textbox: –no-sandbox
  • Click Apply and then click OK.

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7. Remove ad-filtering applications

Ad filtering apps prevent advertisements, so removing them helps avoid conflicts. To do this:

  • Type Uninstall a program in the search box
  • Click Settings
  • Open the program uninstall page
  • Remove the ad-filter application

8. Block third party extensions

To do this:

  • Click the gear or wrench icon on Chrome
  • Click Tools
  • Select Extensions
  • Block all the third party extensions that will be displayed

Were any of these solutions helpful? Let us know in the comments section below.



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