How to fix corrupted WAV files in just 5 minutes

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A WAV file, also known as a WaveForm audio file, is a standard audio format that is found mainly on Windows computers.

Such files are uncompressed, though they support compression, and when uncompressed, they’re larger than the major audio formats such as MP3. In this way, WAV files aren’t always used as the preferred audio format especially when sharing music files or when buying music online.

Files get corrupted for several reasons like an unexpected computer shutdown or software error. For WAV files, there are ways to repair and/or fix corrupt ones using audio-editing software programs that play, manage, edit and fix them.

The common ways you can open WAV iles include using VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Groove Music by Microsoft, Winamp, and QuickTime among others.

Here are some solutions you can use to fix a corrupt WAV file.

How to fix a corrupt wav file

  1. Determine if the file is damaged
  2. Use VLC

1. Determine if the file is damaged

To do this:

  • Find the corrupt WAV file
  • Right click and select Properties
  • Select Details tab
  • Check for the information of the file from the Details pane. If there’s no info, the file is corrupted
  • Open an audio-editing software (the one you use)
  • Open the corrupt WAV file to repair as a RAW file
  • Save the file inWAV format
  • Close the audio-editing software and try to play the file to ensure repair and conversion was finished

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2. Use VLC

VLC can be used to fix a broken audio orWAV file. To do this:

  • Get VLC and download it then install it
  • Once installed, right click your WAV file – the corrupt one – and select open with VLC media player
  • If VLC is able to fix the corrupt WAV file, you’ll be able to play it back from the main screen.
  • Check Playback
  • Click Media menu
  • Select convert/save
  • In the file table, click Add
  • Select your broken WAV file from there
  • Click Convert/Save at the bottom of the screen
  • You’ll see the convert screen – click Browse
  • Find the folder to save your repaired WAV file to
  • Type in the file name and extension, for example convertedfile.wav
  • Go to settings and select Audio CD
  • Click Start
  • A progress bar will move in VLC. Once complete, the audio file will show under the name you selected in the folder
  • Once VLC converts the wav file, it will reconstruct the header information and make the file playable on other programs

Were you able to repair the corrupted wav file using any of these solutions? Let us know in the comments section below.



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