Microsoft Office Access corrupted database fix

Steps to fix Microsoft Access database problems

  1. Select the Compact and Repair Database Tool in Access
  2. Open the Jet Compact Utility
  3. Fix Access Database Files at
  4. Fix Corrupted Access Database With Database Repair Software

Access is one of the industry’s foremost database applications that’s included within the Microsoft Office suite. Access databases might be essential files for some users as they retain records, so it’s a good idea to keep a database backup as a precaution for file corruption. Yet, there are probably some users who don’t back up their database files; and they’ll need to repair corrupted Access MDB or ACCDB files. If your Access database is corrupted, and you don’t have a backup handy, check out some of the fixes for it below.

Solve Microsoft Access database corruption issues

1. Select the Compact and Repair Database Tool in Access

First, check out the Compact and Repair Database tool included within Access. That tool can repair corrupted Access database files. This is how you can fix databases with the Compact and Repair Database tool.

  • Open the Access application.
  • Select the Database Tools tab.
  • Then click the Compact and Repair Database option on the tab.Compact and Repair Database
  • A Database to Compact From window will then open from which you can select a database file to repair.
  • Press the Compact button.
  • Next, enter a new file title in the Compact Database Into dialog box that opens; and select a folder to save it to.
  • Click the Save button. Thereafter, you will have a fresh database that you can open in Access.

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2. Open the Jet Compact Utility

There’s also a separate Microsoft Jet Compact utility (Jetcomp) that Access users can repair corrupted databases with. Jetcomp is pretty similar to the built-in Compact and Repair tool in Access as it compacts databases. However, Jetcomp is certainly worth noting if the Compact and Repair Database utility in Access doesn’t repair your MDB or ACCDB file.

  • You can click Download JETCOMP.EXE now on this page to save the utility to a folder.
  • Click JetCU40.exe in the folder you saved it to to open the window shown directly below.

  • Click the Browse button to select a folder to extract Jet Comp to, and click the OK button.
  • Open the folder that includes the extracted utility, and click JetComp.exe to open the Database Compact Utility 4.0 window.

  • Click the button for the Database to Compact From box to select a corrupted database.
  • Then click the button for the Database to Compact Into box to choose a path to save the newly compacted database to. Add a file title for the database to the end of the path if required.
  • Press the Compact button.

3. Fix Access Database Files at includes a few web tools that MS Office users can fix files with. You can fix MDB and ACCDB files with the Repair Access Database ONLINE utility at Click here to open Repair Access Database in your browser. Then press the Choose file button to select a corrupted database, and click the Secure Upload and Repair button to fix it.

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4. Fix Corrupted Access Database With Database Repair Software

You can also fix corrupted Access files with third-party database repair software. Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair is one package specifically for fixing MDB and ACCDB files. That utility is retailing at $99, and you can try out a demo version by clicking the Free Download button on this webpage. You can fix databases with that software as follows.

  • Open the Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair window.
  • Click the Select File button to select a database to fix.
  • Select the Scan for deleted records option above the Help button.
  • Then press the Repair button to initiate the Access database repair.
  • A dialog box will open to confirm when the software has repaired the database. Click the OK button on that window.
  • Thereafter, the software shows you previews of the repaired database tables. Select the Save option on the File tab to save the repaired database.

So that’s how you can fix corrupted MS Access database files. First, check out the built-in repair option in Access and Jet Comp utility. If those don’t fix the database, then you might need some third-party software.


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