How to fix Media Creation Tool error 0x80070456 – 0xA0019 on Windows 10

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Performing a Windows clean install, repairing system files, troubleshooting Windows 10 issues or creating a back-up of Windows are all basic operations that can be done through the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool service. This toolkit lets you easily create a bootable Windows 10 ISO file via USB or DVD.

But, sometimes, when you try to use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool you might experience a system error and the overall process will get interrupted. So, what should you do if the Media Creation Tool doesn’t work?

The message that will be displayed will be rather ambiguous as it will not offer certain explanations: ‘There was a problem running this tool. We’re not sure what happened, but we’re unable to run this tool on your PC. If you continue experiencing problems, reference the error code when contacting customer support. Error code: 0x80070456 – 0xA0019’.

If you’re also getting the same 0x80070456 – 0xA0019 error code when initiating the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool process, don’t panic and just follow the steps from below for easily fixing this bug.

How to fix Windows 10 Media Creation Tool error 0x80070456 – 0xA0019

Make sure you are using the right USB device

In most situations that 0x80070456 – 0xA0019 error log occurs when there is not enough space left on the USB device. Even though the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is saying that you only need a 4 GB USB flash drive, in fact you will have to use at least 8 GB of free space.

So, right from the start make sure you have an 8 GB USB flash drive and not a 4 GB one. Additionally, before starting the Windows 10 Media Creation process format your USB flash drive. Once more, be careful as a FAT32 USB is required and not a NTFS one. So, when formatting your device, make sure you choose FAT32 and then retry the Windows 10 creation process.

Reset the Media Creation Tool

If the steps from above aren’t addressing the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Error 0x80070456 – 0xA0019 bug, you need to reset the service itself; here is how you can do that:

  1. Make sure you are logged in with administrative privileges.
  2. Open Control Panel on your computer: press Win+R hotkeys and type Control Panel in the Run box.
  3. Switch to Large Icons and click on File Explorer Options.file explorer options
  4. Then, choose View.
  5. Under Hidden files and folders check the Show hidden files, folders and drives hidden files and folders
  6. Close this window.
  7. Access This PC from My Computer.
  8. Go to the root drive of your Windows system (it’s usually the C partition).
  9. From there delete the $windows.~WS and $windows.~BT folders.
  10. Close this window.
  11. Click on the Search icon located near the Windows start button.
  12. Type Disc Cleanup and run this process.
  13. When done, go ahead and reinstall the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and repeat the Windows 10 creation process.

The steps from below should fix the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Error 0x80070456 – 0xA0019 issue. Overall, now you should be able to create a Windows 10 ISO file within your USB flash drive.

So, that was all; if you want to share anything related with the tutorial that was explained above, contact us through the comments form from below.


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