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Motorsport Manager is a best-in-class management game for fans of motorsport. You’ll hire drivers, build cars and make important decisions for the future of your team.

Your aim is to get the championship title and every decision matters. You’ll need to make split second decisions on the race track as well as carefully plan the race strategy. This game will definitely put your management skills to the test. Unfortunately, it will also test your patience as many Motorsport Manager fans are complaining about various issues that severely limit the gaming experience. In this article, we’re going to list the most frequently encountered Motorsport Manager bugs, as well as their corresponding fixes, if available.

In this article, we’re going to list the most frequently encountered Motorsport Manager bugs, as well as their corresponding fixes, if available.

 Motorsport Manager reported issues

Blue flags issue

The goal of every Motorsport Manager is to win as many races as possible. However, this can prove to be quite a difficult task when your driver is in 1st place but stuck behind slow cars that are a lap down. Not winning the race in such conditions can become quite frustrating.

This is a major issue, it ruins all the fun. Each race I’m stuck behind cars which are a lap down. That costs so many positions, it’s just annoying. Really hate that!

For the time being, the game’s developer has yet to issue any comment on this situation. Most likely, they’ll soon roll out an update to address this issue.

Incorrect race results report

Sometimes, when race results change because the driver who initially won receives a penalty, the race reports still credit him as the winner. This bug can have serious consequences for your team’s overall performance. The game developers will probably fix this bug with a future update.

One of my drivers came second across the line, but the opposition driver (first over the line) received a penalty and was demoted to second, so my driver was listed as first. But – race reports – e.g. emails – talked about the opposition driver as still being the winner. Nothing major, but the reports need to be consistent and perhaps even mention position demotions due to penalties.

Game freezes

Players also report that after a few minutes, Motorsport Manager causes their computers to simply freeze. As a result, gamers can’t finish any race.

Love the game already but my computer crash and i’m not able to finish a single race. Playing several hours on many others game without problem, this is the only game making this. This is not a reboot, this is a freeze, i need to reboot manually after

To fix this bug, verify your cache in Steam and disable any Firewall settings that may be affecting the game.

Black screen

Gamers also complain a black screen appears when they try to launch the game, even if their computer’s specs are better than recommended. The game’s developer have acknowledged the issues and are actively searching for a fix.

same problem here, i’m living in brazil, the game launch, then black screen and CTD, try changing language, verifying integrity and nothing, i’m download a new gpu driver, my gpu is one R9 270X

The race never ends

Another annoying bug is causing some cars to remain stuck in the box. As a result, gamers can’t end the race due to the error message “Waiting for two cars to finish the race”. If you encounter this bug, the only solution is to simply restart the game.

My first race never ends. All cars have finshed the race exepct two cars which are in box and do not drive out of it. Cant end the race because it says “waiting for two cars to finish race” Any ideas ?

We recommend you to download this tool  (100% safe and tested by us) to scan and fix various PC problems, such as file loss, malware and hardware failure.

But if you’ve come across various workarounds for the bugs mentioned above, list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.



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