OneDrive error codes 1, 2, 6: What they are and how to fix them

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one drive error 1, 2, 6 fix

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OneDrive error codes are known to have one common cause: sync issues. However, there are codes that are not necessarily related to syncing, but they could arise as you try to sign in or work on files on your personal or business account.

Three of such OneDrive error codes are errors 1, 2 and 6. But what do these really mean?

Whenever you get OneDrive error code 1, 2 or 6, the following are the reasons they came up:

  • Error code 1 is an indicator of an unknown error that has occurred on your computer with OneDrive program
  • Error code 2 means that OneDrive program has experienced a problem while trying to get your account details. In this case, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account and make sure there are no authentication issues.
  • Error code 6 just means a timeout error has occurred so you can resolve it simply by restarting your computer or device.

In this article, we’ll briefly show you how to deal with error code 1, 2, and 6 on OneDrive.

FIX: OneDrive error code 1, 2, 6

You may get frustrated when you don’t know what to do upfront, and the first thing you do may be either restarting your computer or installing updates. If this doesn’t work, then you head online to contact tech support, but before you do this, try the following simple troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the internet connectivity on the computer or device that has the OneDrive problem
  • Check the status of Microsoft Office Online Services
  • Check if you can access other Microsoft services like Outlook or if you’re able to access these services, then the issue may be a temporary one with OneDrive. If you’re not able to access these services, then the issue could be related to your account, or a whole different and bigger issue altogether.

If all else is fine and constant, and you still feel you need to talk to someone at support, you can email the OneDrive support team.

Note: If OneDrive error code 1, 2 and 6 only for a short time, then it is most likely a malfunction or a temporary issue on the side of the server. In this case, be patient and give it some time, and if you still experience the same problem, then you can reach out to tech support team for further assistance related to your specific issue.

If however you wait for it to come around, and the issue persists, you can check if it occurs on other browsers or another computer.

If you choose to get in touch with tech support, then make sure you send your server address from Microsoft services along with the error codes and other specific information related to the problem you face.

Here’s how to check the server address:

  • From the OneDrive webpage, click on the OneDrive icon towards the top left corner.
  • You will see other Microsoft Services. Select
  • Copy the address link from the address box and share with tech support.

Note: it is possible that your account may be under server maintenance, so check the Microsoft Services status page for any known interruptions or outages and share that too with OneDrive tech support team.

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