Fix: Windows 10’s clipboard history is not working

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by Matthew Adams
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The Windows 10 October 2018 Update introduced clipboard history. That’s a somewhat overdue addition to Windows 10 which enables users to copy multiple items to the clipboard. Thus, users are no longer restricted to copying just one item to the clipboard. Furthermore, users can also sync items copied to their clipboard histories with other Win 10 devices.

So, the clipboard history is pretty cool. However, some users have posted on the Microsoft forum about clipboard history not working for them. Thus, some users need to fix clipboard history, or its cloud syncing at least.

How Can Users Fix Windows 10’s Clipboard History?

Check Clipboard History is Enabled in Settings

  1. First, check that Clipboard history is turned on in Settings. Open Windows 10’s search box with the Windows key + S keyboard shortcut.
  2. Input ‘clipboard’ in the search box.
  3. Click Clipboard history to open the Settings window as in the snapshot directly below.Clipboard history option windows 10 clipboard history not working
  4. Toggle the Clipboard history setting on if it’s off.

Sign in With Microsoft Account to Enable Clipboard History Syncing

Users also need to sign in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account to sync the clipboard across devices. To do that, click Sign in just below the Sync across devices subheading on Settings’ Clipboard tab. Then users can select a Sign in with a Microsoft account instead option. After signing in with a MS account, users can select an Automatically sync text that I copy option in Settings.

Microsoft account window windows 10 clipboard history not working

Enable Clipboard History With Group Policy Editor

  1. Some users might need to enable clipboard history with Group Policy Editor within Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise. To do that, open Run’s window by pressing the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
  2. Enter ‘gpedit’ in Run and click OK to open Group Policy Editor.Group Policy Editor windows 10 clipboard history not working
  3. Click Computer Configuration on the left of Group Policy Editor’s window.
  4. Then click Administrative Templates, System, and OS Policies on the left of Group Policy Editor.
  5. Double-click Allow Clipboard History to open an Allow Clipboard History window.
  6. Click Enabled if that setting isn’t configured.
  7. Press the Apply button, and select the OK option to exit window.
  8. Users who also need to enable clipboard syncing can double-click the Allow Clipboard synchronization across devices Group Policy setting.
  9. Then click the Enabled radio button on the Allow Clipboard synchronization window.
  10. Click Apply and OK.

Restart Windows Explorer

  1. Users have confirmed they’ve fixed clipboard history by restarting Windows (or File) Explorer. Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Scroll down to the Windows Explorer process on the Processes tab.Windows Explorer process windows 10 clipboard history not working
  3. Select the Windows Explorer process, and then click the Restart option.

Edit the Registry to Enable Clipboard History

  1. Users can also fix clipboard history by editing the registry. Enter ‘regedit’ in Run’s Open text box, and click the OK button.
  2. Then open this registry path in the Registry Editor: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System.system key windows 10 clipboard history not working
  3. Select the System key on the left of the window.
  4. Users who don’t see a AllowClipboardHistory DWORD should right-click an empty space and select New > DWORD 32-bit Value.
  5. Enter AllowClipboardHistory as the new DWORD.
  6. Double-click AllowClipboardHistory to open an Edit DWORD window.
  7. Enter ‘1’ in the Value data box, and click the OK button.
  8. If there isn’t an AllowCrossDeviceClipboard DWORD for the System key, right-click a space on the right and select New > DWORD 32-bit Value. Then enter AllowCrossDeviceClipboard, and press the Return button.AllowCrossDeviceClipboard DWORD windows 10 clipboard history not working
  9. Double-click AllowCrossDeviceClipboard, and then enter ‘1’ in its Value data box.Edit DWORD window  clipboard history not working
  10. Press the OK button to close the window.
  11. Thereafter, close the Registry Editor; and restart the desktop or laptop.

Those are a few of the potential resolutions for fixing Windows 10’s clipboard history and syncing. Remember, however, that there are numerous third-party clipboard managers users can utilize that are just as good, if not better, than Windows 10’s clipboard.


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