Enhance the Windows 8, 10 Clipboard Manager with These Tools

Andrew Wafer
by Andrew Wafer
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When talking about Windows 8 devices we are first thinking in accessibility and portability options. Well, in that matter the Windows 8 platform is featuring stock or default clipboard capabilities that can be used for those who want to easily manage their tools and data. But, if default clipboard options aren’t enough for you, check the list from below where I have listed great clipboard tools for you and for your Windows 8 device.
clipboard tools for windows 8
Clipboard manager tools represent dedicated apps that can be easily used on any Windows 8 device, whether we are talking about tablets, laptops or of course desktops. As already stated, you can manage your data and tools by using the default Windows clipboard software, or you can choose a compatible program that can offer extra and great features. These clipboard manager tools can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store, or you can use third-party apps that are available from other sources – make sure you are downloading safe and stable platforms or else you might end up in damaging your Windows 8 device.

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In order to ease your work, during the list from below I will try to detail the most popular and used Windows 8 clipboard manager tools that can be found on Windows Store or in other places. All the tools from below have been tested so you can anytime test the same without thinking on unpleasant situations that might occur while downloading inappropriate programs.

Some of the best Windows 8 Clipboard Manager Tools

  • Comfort Clipboard Pro is a great clipboard with user-friendly interface and a plethora of useful features for managing your clipboard. An evaluation version is available so you can test it for free.
    – Download now Comfort Clipboard Pro for free on the official website
  • ShareIt: well, this app is not really a clipboard manager tool, but the program will be quite useful for those who want to use a user friendly interface for sharing to and from Desktop applications using the clipboard or the keyboard.
  • QuickPaste: a great free distributed clipboard manager tool available for Windows 8 devices is QuickPaste – with this app you can save snippets of text that you use frequently so that you can later paste them into other apps and also manage your data with ease each time you want to copy-paste something.
  • Clipboard: as the name suggest, with this free clipboard manager app you can copy or share various data to your clipboard; also you can share in an intuitive way clipboard content with other Windows apps.
  • Visual Clipboard: a dedicated clipboard manager tool for Windows 8 is Visual Clipboard, which is priced $1.49 on Windows Store. By using a great interface you can now easily manage your data or the data you copy to your system clipboard.
  • Unified Clipboard: If you want to manage your tools and data between your Windows 8 / RT device and your Windows Phone handset with ease, then you have to try and use this free distributed clipboard app, which can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store.
  • Tap It: a great way in which you can manage your clipboard is by using Tap It. With this Windows 8 tool you can easily organize text, images and URLs for convenient access on your laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • Share to Clipboard: this clipboard manager tool is priced $1.49 on Windows Store and brings basic features to use for sharing content from Windows Store apps. In that matter, you will be able to copy text, links, and photos from other apps to the clipboard.
  • CopyAndPaste: with this clipboard manager app for Windows 8 you can store and use up to 15 of your most used text samples. The best is that this toll is having an easy to use interface, so CopyAndPaste can be handled even by a newbie.

Another clipboard manager software to use on your Windows 8 desktop or device is Shapeshifter. This tool is not available on Windows Store, but it might be the perfect choice to make especially if you want to manage your data and your tools by using dedicated features and great options. You can download Shapeshifter from here – don’t worry, as the software is freely distributed.

So, those were the most appreciated clipboard manager programs currently available for your Windows 8 device. Therefore, test the tools you prefer the most and then don’t hesitate and share your impressions with us and with other users who might need a second opinion on this matter.

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