Fix: Can’t Use Copy Paste In Windows 10

By: Ivan Jenic
3 minute read

Copying and pasting is one of the most basic functions in Windows and it has been present since the first versions of Windows, but for some strange reason users report that they can’t perform copy and paste functions in Windows 10.

How To Fix Copy Paste In Windows 10

We use copy, cut and paste functions every day on our computers, and although they are one of the most simplest functions they are also crucial functions. Without those functions performing simple tasks gets more difficult, but fortunately for you there are few solutions that you can try out in order to fix this issue.

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Solution 1 – Make sure that your Windows 10 is up to date

Users report that in order to fix this issue you have to keep Windows 10 up to date, and to keep up with the latest drivers. Therefore make sure that you don’t have any updates in queue or else you might experience copy / paste issues.

Solution 2 – Run Check Disk utility

  1. Go to This PC and right click your hard drive.
  2. Choose Properties from the menu.
  3. When Properties Window opens, go to the Tools tab and click the Check button under the Error checking section to check your hard drive for errors.

In addition you can run Check Disk from Command Prompt.

  1. Start Command Prompt as administrator. To do that type Command Prompt in the Search bar, right click Command Prompt from the list of results and choose Run as administrator.
  2. When Command Prompt starts type the following command followed by Enter:
    • chkdsk C: /f

    Make sure that you replace C with the letter of your hard drive partition.

Solution 3 – Disable Send to Bluetooth add on

This addon is usually associated with Microsoft Office and you can find in Office software under the Add on section. You might have to check every installed Office tool for Send to Bluetooth add on and disable it from each tool.

After disabling this add on from every Office tool copy / paste functions should be working normally.

Solution 4 – Check Webroot Security Software settings

Some users claim that the main cause of this issue is Webroot Security Software and in order to fix this problem you need to do the following:

  1. Open Webroot as administrator.
  2. Click the Identity Protection properties or gear icon.
  3. Go to the Application Protection tab.
  4. Now you should see the list of applications.
  5. Now find the applications in which copy / paste doesn’t work and set it to Allow.

In addition you can just disable the Protect Clipboard Data option and everything should start working again.

If you don’t use Webroot Security Software, try disabling your antivirus to see if that resolves the issue.

Solution 5 – Run the rdpclip.exe

In order to fix this issue you need to go to the Windows/system32 folder. There you should find rdpclip.exe. Just run it and see if the issue is resolved.

This program should start automatically but if it doesn’t you’ll have to run it manually every time you start Windows 10. In addition you can add it to the Startup folder and it will start every time your Windows 10 starts.

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