Patch Tuesday improves game controller and webcam security

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KB4530715 fixes cameras

If you want to have the latest features that Microsoft rolls out with every update, then you need to keep your Windows PC updated at all times. This includes the Patch Tuesday updates that become available monthly.

For example, the December Patch Tuesday updates are now live, and they come with a host of new improvements and fixes.

There is one specific update that improves security when using external devices, such as game controllers and web cameras. The update is available for Windows 10 v1809 and you can download it by following the link below:

Why are webcam and game controller updates important?

Such vulnerabilities open your devices to external control, allowing hackers to gain control of them.

One such example is how your webcam ca be hijacked and someone can access it whenever it is plugged in, without your knowledge.

Additionally, scripts can be installed so that your webcam becomes active whenever you visit certain websites.

As for the game controllers, vulnerabilities that allow hackers to view your controller commands exist and they can lead to serious issues, such as account thefts.

These come in the form of controller-specific keyloggers that can monitor all of your usernames and passwords.

It is recommended that you always install any updates that Microsoft releases since they usually include security updates that protect your PC from external attacks.

Keep in mind that the update process is fairly simple. If you installed earlier updates, only the new fixes will be downloaded and installed on your device.

If you are having difficulties figuring out how to install the Patch Tuesday updates, check out this detailed guide.

Do you think getting extra protection for your webcams and game controllers is necessary? Let us know in the comment section below.

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