4 of the best garden design software for Windows PCs

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by Ivan Jenic
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If you are faced with landscaping a yard, it is best to consider using garden design software to assist in organizing your thoughts and putting together a blueprint.

Garden software is mostly needed when considering a landscaping project with multiple gardens. However, it takes some time to learn and utilize this software.

Benefits of using a garden design software

There are several benefits of using software to design gardens and landscaping. The use of this software helps you to design a concrete plan for your gardens and landscaping.  It helps you to make a solid decision on exactly what you want.

It is not very easy for you to visualize landscaping all at once, but when it is sketched out, not only will you have a greater chance of remembering every detail but you will also have an accurate plan from which to design your outdoor masterpiece.

For interior designs or landscape and garden designs outside your home, powerful garden design software will definitely save the day.

As a result of this, we decided to publish this article showing various design software. Combine them with a Feng Shui software, and the recipe for success is ready.

If you like software for designing your yard, there are some premium versions to check out below. They are not expensive and will definitely assist you in putting together the perfect yard.

What are the best garden design tools for Windows PCs?

  1. Shoot Garden Planner

garden design softwareYou can make use of this software to design your garden. It is also a good tool for carrying out plant research. With this software, you can look into plants longevity, their varieties and how to care for them.

It is user friendly software which allows you to include fences, buildings, decks, sheds and even a pond.

If you’re considering revamping your interior as well, check out this list with the best interior design software.

If you want a quick and easy way to design your garden, consider using Shoot Garden Planner. In addition, this software is compatible with Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Download Shoot Garden Planner

  1. Marshalls Garden Visualiser

garden design softwareThis free garden design software is a powerful tool in landscape design. It allows you to visualize your garden in a 3d space. It looks like a video game.

While using it to build your garden, you can move around, it gives you a real life feeling. You can specify the size of garden you desire and also customize its shape exactly the way you plan to build it.

A lot of products could be added to your design using this software. You can add paths, garden surfacing, edgings, summerhouses, paving and walling.

If you’re into creating Jacquard designs, take a look at the best software tools for that in this handy article.

You can save your garden in your online account while you work. When you are done, get an installer to help you build the garden or you build it yourself.

If you intend building yourself; request the necessary information from their official website to order all the required products.

  • Access Marshalls Garden Visualiser here

  1. Home Designer Software

garden design softwareThis powerful software is ideal for landscaping design and of course the garden. It is premium software with multiple packages. However, the price is somewhat of a high side, but it does not really matter because it is very beneficial.

In addition, this software enables you to achieve the right plan.  If after downloading it, you do not like it, you can easily do away with it; at least you didn’t spend any money unlike other design programs out there which are much more expensive.

Buy Home Designer Software here

  1. Gardena

gardena garden design software

Gardena is a web based garden design software. On the website, you will find all types of landscaping products for water management (sprinklers, hoses, etc.), lawn care (lawnmowers), shrub and tree (shears, hedge trimmers, etc.) and other garden care tools.

Also need a 3D design software tool? Check out this list with our top picks.

However, Gardena keeps people interested in their products. In other words, they do not want to profit from the software itself; instead the software is a way to attract people to their site and promote various products thereby getting a greater gain.

It’s a win/win between Gardena and their consumers who are looking for free design tools.

Visit Gardena garden planner website here

Have you used any of the garden design software we mentioned above? Do share with us your experience by commenting below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.