Top Windows 10 Games to Get You Started [Desktop]

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I suppose you are wondering what games are accessible and working in the new Windows 10 operating system. Well you will find out by reading this article what games you can install on your Windows 10 and also what games are causing issues with this new operating system.
games that you can play on WIndows 10
Battlefields 4 game unfortunately is not one of those games that you can start playing in Windows 10 but this is still a technical preview operating system and we expect Microsoft to get all the bugs fixed as soon as the official version of Windows 10 comes in the market. But we will see what games you can install and get them to work properly.

Best Windows 10 games that you might want to try:

  1. “Diablo 3”, one of the best action role-playing video games that is present on our markets works great even for the Windows 10 operating system. So basically you only have to go and install it and give it a try.
    All you have to do is choose one of the six available character classes like the Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor or the Wizard and begin your challenging quest in defeating the Lord of Terror Diablo.
  2. “Battlefield 3” is next on our list and I am happy to announce that it will work flawlessly on your Windows 10 operating system if you have the necessary hardware specs which the game requires to run.
  3. “Startcraft 2” a great game for all the strategy game players out there and you can go right ahead and install it on your Windows 10 technical preview without having to worry about any operating system issues.
    The FPS of Starcraft 2 work as good as can be expected from this game, you only need to have the necessary system requirements like: 2 GB of RAM memory , 12 GB free space on your hard drive and equal or above the 128 MB PCIe NVIDIA® GeForce® 6600 GT video card.
  4. “Mafia 2” made for the action adventure game lovers works in Windows 10 technical preview as smooth as it did in the previous versions of Windows operating systems as well.
  5. “Quake Live”: if you are a fan of the quake first person shooter game series then you can start playing it on your Windows 10 operating system. This game works at a more higher rate of FPS in Windows 10 so it will make your experience a lot more interesting.

A few other games compatible with Windows 10:

  1. Dirt 3 (rallying video game)
  2. Need for speed Most wanted (racing video game)
  3. Crysis 3 (first-person shooter video game)
  4. WATCH_DOGS (open world action-adventure video game)
  5. Minecraft (sandbox independent video game)
  6. Deus Ex Human Revolution (cyberpunk-themed first-person action role-playing video game)
  7. WoW (online role-playing game)
  8. Fallout NV (post-apocalyptic role-playing video game)

These are just a few of the games available and working in the Windows 10 operating system but as soon as we get some new information on this subject we will keep you informed. Don’t hesitate to write us below for any other questions regarding this article and we will see what we can do to help you further.

As the title clearly says, these are desktop games, but we will soon work on a similar story to group some of the best Windows 10 games from the Windows Store, as well. So, stay tuned for the upcoming title, as well.

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