Gears of War 5 error 0x00000d1c is plaguing many gamers

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Gears of war 5 error 0x00000d1c

Many Gears of War 5 players who tried to join ranked matches reported experiencing different issues. They keep on getting error 0x00000d6e when they trying to join matches or the match results simply won’t load.

Moreover, sometimes the game fails to show up and they are simply kicked off while searching for matches.

Our team have been investigating Error 0x00000d1c that can prevent some players accessing Horde. A full fix is in the works, but we are able to unblock impacted players in the interim.

As a quick reminder, Gears of War 4 was affected by the exact same error some time ago. The developers investigated the issue last year and confirmed that this problem is caused if you are using many different cards.

Our investigation has led us to believe that this issue impacts players with a high volume of Cards in their Inventory, who have scrapped / used a lot of a specific Card and then recently crafted said Card can get into this state.At this time, we recommend you do not craft or scrap any Cards you use a lot of (ie. Horde Bounties) until our full fix can be deployed.

Players confirmed the problem affects both PCs and Xbox consoles.

I’m getting the same thing. Also almost get into games and get random party was dissolved sent back to lobby. Haven’t been able to play a ranked match thus far.

Unfortunately, this error can be quite an annoying one. For example, one player spent 45 minutes on Xbox waiting to enter a match but eventually encountered error 0x00000d6e.

I’ve been trying to find a game for the past 45 minutes on Xbox. It either doesn’t find one or claims to find one but then backs me out (error 0x00000d6e)

However, the Coalition has yet to confirm the issue for Gears 5 as well. We hope that a workaround will be available very soon.


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