Gears of War for Windows 10 Gets Early Bad Reviews from Players

by Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft Studios has finally launched today the much-awaited Gears of War: Ultimate Edition game for Windows 10 users on the Store. But, even if it boasts some amazing features exclusively for Windows 10 users, it seems that those who were among the first to get aren’t quite pleased.

Gears of Wars met with criticism from Windows 10 fans

At the time of writing this article, the game has a rating of only 2.7, with many users complaining about various issues. Microsoft does aknlowedge at least one issue, saying the following:

We are aware of an issue that sometimes occurs where the download progress bar does not accurately display progress, please be patient with your download or title update.

The problem with the download might be caused by the fact that this is quite a package, weighing it at almost 53 GBs. And while some of the complaint coming from user do indeed relate to this particular error, there are other problems being invoked. Here are just a couple of them.

User ‘Jeffrey’ complains that he can’t get past first loading screen, saying this:

I’ve always been a fan of the GOW Series and when I first saw that this was going to be running on windows I got excited. Too bad I can’t actually get to play it so as it stands this review is just biased on the fact of what seems like poor optimization. I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so… check the other reviews.

User ‘calvin’ claims this is a great game but the performance is actually lacking, citing FPS drops among other issues:

I got a gtx 980ti the game runs ok (fps dips like crazy) but not smooth butter cmon MS I have a rig way powerful than the xbox one it should run very well. Windows Store is a cancer get it out of here use another software tool without bloatware. I hate origin but its way better than this by far.

And this is the same opinion that ‘Scott’ has, saying that only those with a very powerful PC should get it

It performs better than the xbox one version, and the eye test gives me the impression a good deal of features are cranked up on the PC release. That being said, this IS a remaster of an xbox 360 game. I’m running with an i7 4790k 16GB RAM and a GTX 980 TI, and my system experiences regular drops below 60fps w/ maxed settings at 1080p. A modern release pushing the system, sure. A remaster of a decade-old title though? That’s poor optimization. My recommendation: Hold off until patches improve performance, unless you have a very powerful PC.

Some other users complain they can’t choose install directory while others say the can’t launch the game after it’s been installed:

Once installed it wouldn’t launch. Deleted trying to reinstall now the windows store doesn’t give me the option to reinstall. Out 30 bucks. Thanks Microsoft.

There are also Windows 10 players who say that multiplayer is not working and that the mouse feels terrible. Also, quite many are complaining that they can’t get refunds, which is something that Microsoft definitely needs to address if it wants to attract more big game developers.

Sure, there are many problems, but let’s not forget this is just the first version and Microsoft is kinda new to experiencing distribution of these big games through the Windows Store.

Some users said they fixed the download problem simply by updating to Windows 10 1511, so make sure you do that, as well. Leave your comments below and let us know if you too have had issues with the game.

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