Download the best software to get out of debt [2020 Guide]

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Are you tired of accumulating debts, credit card bills, outstanding loans and negative bank balance, then this post is for you? If you are trying hard to work your way out of debts, and committed to sticking to your budget, it is essential you get software that can help you manage your debts and track your spending while keeping the record of your finances.

Hence, the software should also be well secured to enable you import your credit card and debit card transaction. The debt management software listed here will help you to achieve your goals to be debt free.


Become debt-free with the help of these tools



Best software to get out of debtQuicken is a finance management software which helps to manage your financial transactions. With Quickens you can easily budget and set debt management plan with the various tools on the software. Quicken enables easy import of your credit card, debit card, and transaction details.

Your transactions and details are kept secure with the 256-bit encryption which encrypts your data from hackers. In addition, this software is compatible with many databases management files such as CSV and XML; this makes it easy to import and export custom database files. Quicken is a handy software to download if you want total finance management and is ideal for the management of debts and loans.

Download Quicken


Money Manager Ex

Best software to get out of debtMoney Manager Ex is an open source free software to get out of debt. The software helps you to manage all your business finances easily. The software is quite popular and offers a great overview of your financial status.

Meanwhile, the software has an inbuilt tracker that keeps track of your money and analyzes the implications of your transactions. Money Manager Ex has a simple layout interface which is user-friendly to use.

You can store your credit card details, transaction bills, and other financial receipts directly on the software. Your budget gets properly organized as Money Manager shows you charts and graphs of your financial status. You can use custom made debt management files on the software for effective debt payment.

In addition, Money Manager Ex is an excellent money manager software as you have numerous features which ensure your debts are promptly paid without causing negative financial implications to the user.

Download Money Management Ex


Money Lover

Money Lover financial app

This money management software is one of the best personal finance software for Windows users. It comes in both free and paid versions with excellent tracking and budgeting features.

Money Lover has a fluid and intuitive interface which enables you to manage your debts and outstanding loans effectively. The expense tracker helps you to know the amount of money you spend in a month and enables for you to customize the settings to your preference.

In addition, this program also enables you to integrate your personal details into the software such as online banking details, credit card, and debit card information for proper tracking.

However, Money Lover is a decent software to get out of debt and be financially secured within a short period of time.

Download Money Lover


Money Point

Best software to get out of debtMoney Point is an expense tracker which helps you to track and record your expenses. This program has the added advantage of being an offline application; hence, you don’t run the risk of your information being hacked as it does not synchronize to any server.

You can also create a budget and manage your debt using the buffeting, and expense management tools offered by the software. Users can also import finance files such as CSV as money point supports all these formats.

Money point is recommended software to get out of debt, as it has all the necessary features to ensure you become debt free quickly.

Download Money Point

In conclusion, the software we mentioned above will help you achieve debt-free status as they all offer debt management tools. This helps to monitor your debts and propose debt payment plans to get out of debt within a short time frame.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.