ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

  • Anti-theft support
  • Webcam protection
  • Intuitive setup and UI
  • Multi-platform support
  • Banking-level encryption
  • Low system requirements
  • Advanced anti-malware protection

An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

It may have been launched on the 1st of April, but Gmail is no prank. Ever since its release back in 2004, Gmail has been steadily attracting more and more people and it’s still going strong today.

With a crisp and modern look and feel that does not slow you down, seamless collaboration-focused integrations with other valuable Google products, and even a sturdy antivirus engine embedded in its infrastructure, it’s easy to fall in love with Gmail.

It boasts more than 1,5 billion subscribers and we can totally see why.

According to Statistics & Data, no less than 1 billion 700 thousand people were actively using Gmail as their main email service provider in 2020.

Once upon a time king of digital communication Yahoo barely made it to 5th place with a little over 200 thousand subscribers.

Even though it has a lot going on for it in terms of security enhancements, you still need a good antivirus for Gmail to secure your communication, confidential data, and files.

And this is something with which the mighty Google itself agrees. Let’s have a closer look together, shall we?

Does Gmail have virus protection?

Yes, Gmail integrates antivirus software and it aims to protect your email account as well as your PC against widespread infections that may hide in email attachments. Here’s how this works.

Gmail relies on an extensive virus database to perform its checks. It automatically scans inbound and outbound messages with a focus on suspicious attachments that can harm, damage, or gain illicit and unauthorized access to your account.

Moreover, it looks beyond petty vermin to detect spyware, Trojans, and other forms of advanced malware.

Which antivirus is used by Google? As we like to put it: it’s classified. And we mean it, Google uses undisclosed virus protection software or a blend of antiviruses to block out threats.

In an attempt to strengthen protection against sophisticated phishing and fraud techniques, Google even incorporated AI and deep learning into the mix.

While it does have its befalls, we cannot deprive Google of the gratification it deserves for trying its best.

But here’s the thing, placing your defense in the hands of an antivirus exclusively designed for the Gmail infrastructure can be a bliss just as much as it can be a curse.

Proprietary applications are somewhat treacherous because they tend to focus on specific threats and fail to cover the entire spectrum of nastiness that preys on system vulnerabilities.

Is Gmail safe and secure?

Whether Gmail has some sort of virus protection is merely the tip of the iceberg. Cybersecurity is multi-faceted and it works in mysterious ways. We cannot help wondering if Google’s built-in antivirus is enough to lock predators out.

Does Gmail check for viruses? Yes, it automatically scans attachments for viruses both in the messages that you send as well as in those that you receive. But this may not cover all the loopholes.

Without an adequate full-scale antivirus for Gmail, users are only safe to some extent.

Incentivized by increasing profitability or simply driven by a visceral need to flaunt their acumen, hackers are more and more interested in compromising Gmail, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other Google products.

With ransomware attacks on the rise, Gmail needs every single drop of protection it can get.

Even though its built-in scanner can differentiate legitimate files from harmful ones, you can still accidentally open the door to havoc without ever opening an email or clicking on an ill-intended attachment.

Can a Gmail account be infected?

Beyond any doubt. First of all, Gmail’s malware scanner focuses on specific files with extensions such as .EXE or .BAT and checks for specific file sizes. Anything above 25 MB usually catches its eyes, but malware takes many forms and just as many sizes.

If it does not match the pattern, devious malware can easily sneak past Gmail’s sentinels and head straight for the goodies on your system.

It’s not rare for Gmail to require your intervention when it is unable to comprehend or to process a prohibited file type.

Thus, instead of handling security end to end (as it should happen), you are expected to either delete the message or download the attachment at your own risk.

Here’s the cherry on top: Gmail can detect a virus, but it can not remove it. You’d still have to use a specialized email-scanning tool that can eliminate the cause of infection and sanitize your system as well as your email account.

And did you get the part where Gmail scans your emails? That’s right, it examines the content, links, and attachments in your messages.

Now, Google mentioned that scanning for marketing and advertising targeting is no longer tolerated, but you can still notice emails flagged as spam or marked with a little card beside them.

That’s a clear indicator that your private communication is still scrutinized and many voices condemn this practice.

What is the best email protection for Gmail?

Gmail’s scanner is a handy tool, but it lacks the depth and complexity of a full-scale virus protection software and security experts worldwide, including Google representatives seem to agree with this.

We ran various tests on one of our Gmail accounts and deliberately downloaded harmful files to see if Gmail reacts. It didn’t and we cannot blame it.

It’s merely the first line of defense against nefarious malware and it should be treated as such, with parsimony.

Now, there are countless ways to compensate. You can go for an email provider that integrates security features, use antivirus for browsers to protect your Gmail account, deploy security software on your mail server, and the list could go on and on.

But if you’re a home user and simply wish to protect your digital correspondence as well as your rig, there is nothing quite like a good antivirus for Gmail to help you continue to enjoy Google’s services for as long as you desire.

With a trusted partner on your team, you will be able to secure your communication channel and block out threats on browser, app, network, or system levels with one proverbial blow (or stone).

Without further ado, here are our recommendations for the best antivirus for email protection.

ESET Internet Security

  • Advanced scanning options (parallel files' downloading, idle state, and more)
  • Anti-spam and attachments sanitization capacities
  • Extensive network and IoT protection
  • Anti-phishing, anti-ransomware, and anti-malware defense
  • Secure browser
  • No notable minuses

ESET Internet Security caters to modern users who actively rely on the Internet to work, shop, pursue entertainment, banking, and social interactions.

Communication is a big part of our daily lives and Gmail takes the cake when it comes to email-based correspondence.

With advanced anti-spam filtering and a wicked exploit blocker system, ESET will not only stop spammy messages from plaguing your inbox but also protect you against elusive threats such as ransomware, script-based browser-targeted exploits, phishing attacks, and more.

Fraudulent behavior is particularly common in this communication channel and Gmail makes no exception. In an effort to block intruders out, ESET unfolds multiple layers of protection.

Its goal is to prevent unauthorized access to your system, router, and IoT devices such as your webcam, and secure your data against potentially dangerous websites.

Gmail’s integrated malware scanner is often accused of lacking depth and complexity. ESET understands polymorphic malware like no other and it’s best equipped to safeguard your assets as well as your system.

From homoglyph attacks to untrustworthy news sources and network-level exploits, this best antivirus for Gmail anticipates, detects, and instantly neutralizes malicious traffic, files, and apps with unrivaled precision.

Its powerful Banking & Payment Protection module encrypts communication between your keyboard and your browser.

Thus, the secure browser provides a safe environment for your transactions, one that keyloggers could never penetrate.

Scanning is highly versatile and you can select with granular precision the type and even the size of the files that need checking, as well as the depth and time allocated to each scan.

ESET delivers truly uninterrupted protection that never ceases, not even when your device is not in use.

The idle-state scanning is the ultimate prevention tool that will detect inactive threats before they even approach your system, not to mention the pressure it takes off your resources.

You can even scan while downloading files, which is perfect for Gmail attachments, for instance.

Bitdefender Internet Security

  • Advanced network threat prevention and defense
  • Comprehensive privacy-focused suite
  • Anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-fraud modules
  • Robust ransomware protection
  • Vulnerability scanner and secure browser
  • VPN traffic capped at 200 MB per day

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Bitdefender has a solid reputation and we feel they earned it fair and square. The Internet Security suite not only detects and neutralizes threats instantaneously but also anticipates and remediates flows.

Unlike countless other security programs that leave havoc behind them, Bitdefender Internet Security boasts strong remediation capacities materialized via a full-scale rescue environment that provides you with the necessary tools to clean up and restore your infrastructure post-sanitization.

This is one of the many reasons for which we recommend this app as the best antivirus for Gmail and much more. But let’s not let our enthusiasm get in the way.

If you’re looking for the best antivirus for email protection, you’ve come to the right place.

Geared with advanced web-filtering technologies and a sophisticated vulnerability scanner, Bitdefender will steer you away from malicious links and other untrustworthy sources that may scam you or trick you into revealing confidential credentials or financial data.

The powerful anti-phishing and anti-fraud modules take it from there while the anti-spam filters will rid your mailbox of redundant messages.

Don’t fancy browser-based email platforms? Not a problem at all, as Bitdefender will also take good care of local email clients such as the popular Outlook or Thunderbird.

Speaking about browsers, you’ll be pleased to know that Bitdefender covers every single aspect of your digital experience and this includes repelling the dreaded script-based browser-targeted attacks.

The final piece falls into place. We’re talking about the vulnerability scanner, of course, a precious tool that will scrutinize your entire system to detect potential weaknesses such as outdated drivers, missing Windows updates, or unoptimized security settings.

Its advanced ransomware protection layer works like a charm on email attachments and it will catch even the most elusive bugs that managed to slip past Gmail’s sentinels.

Avast Premium Security

  • Real-time updates + automatic software updater
  • Robust anti-ransomware and anti-password theft shields
  • Webcam protection plus data shredder
  • Advanced firewall capacities
  • Integrated sandboxing features to test suspicious apps securely
  • Traffic encryption only available in the Ultimate bundle

Avast Premium Security joins the defense line with powerful assets that will secure your Gmail account as well as your system, network, and everything that comes with them.

Whether you check your email at home while sitting down at your desktop or on the go, it’s simply a matter of preference.

Avast will be there to support and secure your connection against hackers, ransomware, malware, and more on PC or Mac as well as on your mobile devices running on Android or iOS.

This best antivirus software for email automatically hardens your browser making it immune to remote hacking, password theft, and vicious ransomware attacks.

Meanwhile, the web security shield monitors your online routine in order to steer you away from spoofed websites, harmful links, prohibited files, or dangerous downloads.

This feature alone should be enough to convince you that Avast is a great antivirus for Gmail.

But you get a lot more with it, including webcam protection, a powerful firewall to secure your home network, and a dedicated Wifi inspection tool that scrutinizes your connection for weaknesses without interruption.

As if it weren’t enough, Avast also boasts sandbox software capacities that allow you to execute a suspicious app in a closed, isolated environment without risking a widespread infection.

We could go on and on simply because the benefits do not seem to ever end with this Gmail virus protection software.

Here’s one more tool that works to your advantage and we’re persuaded that you will appreciate it to its core.

Avast not only pushes real-time security updates but also extends the same care to your apps and programs.

Thanks to its dedicated automatic software updater, you can be sure no loopholes are left unattended for hackers to exploit.

Avira Prime

  • Performance optimization tools on desktop and mobile platforms
  • Strengthens email security and prevents phishing attacks
  • Secures your browser against exploits
  • Powerful anti-hacking and anti-ransomware modules
  • Does not include a free trial (30-day money-back guarantee only)

Here’s another strong contender for the title of the best antivirus for Gmail. We’re talking about Avira Prime, of course, the all-in-one security bundle that truly has it all and does not hold back when it comes to keeping you safe online.

Since Gmail is a browser-based email service, our hunch is that you will be most interested in Avira’s browser defense. Well then, prepare to be impressed.

Fully geared with an unlimited VPN (that’s right, no data caps, no daily limits) and a dedicated password management system, Avira will make sure your Chrome browser traffic is anonymous and encrypted and that your passwords are simply unhackable.

From infected webpages to aggressive advertising, trackers, and ISP surveillance, nothing is too elusive, too sophisticated, or too challenging for Avira to successfully block out.

Needless to say, phishing attacks that usually thrive in email-based communication channels are a thing of the past and you won’t ever have to think twice before downloading a Gmail attachment again.

Along with privacy, sensitive data is a big thing for Avira, that’s why you get video and audio protection for all your IoT devices.

Credit cards safeguarding and a private sentinel that checks whether your Gmail address was compromised are also included. Thus, you can take immediate action to secure your Gmail account.

Similar to our previous recommendation, this best antivirus for email protection does not settle for browser-level defense.

Cross-platform Avira detects threats in real-time across all your devices and by all, we mean up to 25 different gadgets running on all major platforms.

You’re probably thinking that syncing all your data across such a tremendous array of devices is nothing less than a nightmare, right?

You needn’t worry at all. Thanks to Avira, you will automatically log into all your accounts, on all your devices.

AVG Internet Security

  • Webcam and password protection
  • Anti-phishing, anti-ransomware, and anti-fraud modules
  • Advanced web and email filters
  • Strong firewall capacities and fake website shield
  • Unsuitable for commercial use

AVG focuses its defense on 5 major pillars and we dare say, it covers every single aspect of your digital experience impeccably.

While each module plays an important part in strengthening your overall shield against online nastiness, it’s the Web & Email pillar that will most likely catch your eye.

AVG Internet Security keeps your emails, files, webcam, credit cards, and passwords safe from malware, ransomware, and network-targeted exploits in one go.

Its comprehensive security starts with an email shield that will prevent malware-injected attachments from reaching your system and secure your data against spear-phishing attacks.

Fraudsters are cunning and there’s no denying it, but AVG found the perfect combo to outsmart them. In comes a powerful trio made of a web shield, Wifi advisor, and toolbar remover.

These tools will scan suspicious links and steer you away from fake websites, check files for signs of infection before downloading them, alert you in case you’re about to connect to an unsecured Wifi network, and remove PUPs such as shady browser toolbars and plugins.

And that’s just the first line of defense. Additional layers of protection unfold to immunize your system against ransomware attacks and password theft.

Bottom runners

Besides the products that made the list after our rigorous testing process, there have been other antiviruses that proved their capabilities.

Even though they will most likely not with an award for the best antivirus for Gmail anytime soon, they could still make good options to consider.

VIPRE Antivirus Plus

Essential protection is often enough to secure your data against malware. And we’re not talking about mediocre solutions here.

VIPRE’s Antivirus Plus delivers a no-hassle type of defense that you can enjoy right away. No hidden catch, no strings attached, or complicated tweakings required – just straightforward, airtight protection against virus infections, ransomware, and nefarious malware.

F-Secure SAFE

The intuitive F-Secure does just what it advertises: it keeps you safe. Its advanced browser protection module will keep an eye on your Gmail account and make sure no malware – however devious, cunning, or stubborn – can ever infiltrate your mailbox and later leak into your system.

From harmful websites to viruses and malware, there is no threat too big for F-Secure SAFE to handle.

BullGuard Internet Security

Propelled by a revolutionary blend of advanced machine learning, cloud detection technology, heuristics, and a powerful antivirus engine, BullGuard Internet Security monitors everything that happens on your device.

With countless performance optimizations, this best antivirus for Gmail will run discreetly without ever standing in your way.

Between the advanced home network scanner and the vulnerability scanner, you can rest assured that no vermin will ever penetrate your defensive shields, be it via Gmail attachments or other potentially exploitable loopholes.

Here are some interesting takeaways for you. Does Gmail protect against viruses? Yes, it does. Is it enough to keep all malware at bay? Far from it.

You need a solid security program that covers every single aspect of your digital life, including your Gmail account and the default malware scanner simply lacks this complexity.

While finding the right tool is somewhat challenging considering the diversity, we feel our selection has what it takes to steer you in the right direction. Why not start your journey with us?

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