Best sandbox software to protect your PC against malware [2020 Guide]

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Malicious software can cause many problems on your PC, and this is why many users use antivirus tools to protect themselves. However, in some rare cases your antivirus tool isn’t enough to contain the virus from spreading. If you’re concerned that a certain application or file is malicious, you should be able to run it safely on Windows 10 by using sandbox software.

Sandboxing is a security feature that can isolate potentially dangerous applications in order to prevent them from causing damage to your PC. Many applications, such as web browsers, already run in a sandbox mode with limited privileges thus keeping you protected from malicious websites and users. As you can see, sandboxing isn’t a new feature, and if you use Google Chrome you’re already running an application in a sandbox environment.

There are many great third-party sandbox applications, and you can use them to create your own sandbox environment and run potentially malicious applications without risk. If you want to test some potentially dangerous applications on your PC, today we’re going to show you the best sandbox software for Windows 10.

What is the best sandbox software for Windows 10?

We will start our list with a series of questions that you might have before deciding to install one of the tools from this article :

  • Can you download it for free?
  • Is the sandbox software compatible with your antivirus?
  • Does the tool create a sandbox virtually?
  • Can you make a restore your system after using a sandbox software?
  • Does it isolates the malicious files while working?
  • Can you use it for testing new apps?

You can find the answer to these questions below.

 Rating (1 to5)Free/PaidUsing HDD spaceAntivirus compatibilityRestore the systemTemporary File Isolation
VMware or VirtualBox4.5FreeYesYesYesN/A
Avast Internet Security4.5FreeNoYesYesYes
Time Freeze4.5FreeNoNoYesNo
Shade Sandbox4.5FreeYesN/AN/AYes
Comodo Internet Security5FreeNoNoYesYes
Enigma Virtual Box5FreeNoNoNoNo
Shadow Defender4PaidYesYesYesYes

VMware or VirtualBox (suggested)

If you’re looking for sandbox software, you should also consider VMware and VirtualBox. These applications allow you to run another operating system alongside your current operating system. As a result, all changes in the virtual environment won’t affect your PC in any way. This makes these applications perfect for testing potentially harmful software. Both applications support snapshots, thus allowing you to restore your virtual environment to the previous state with ease.

Although these applications are extremely useful, they require a bit of setup and hardware power in order to work properly. These applications are a bit demanding, so if you don’t have enough hardware power you might want to skip them. To learn more about VMware and VirtualBox, we highly recommend that you check our article on best virtualization software for Windows 10 for more information.

Sandbox software offers another layer of protection, and it’s perfect if you need to test a suspicious application on your PC. There are many great tools that allow you to run applications in a sandbox environment, and we hope that you found a suitable tool for you on our list.

Avast Internet Security

Another antivirus software with built-in sandbox support is Avast Internet Security. The sandbox feature allows you to run suspicious files in safe environment without affecting your PC. In addition to sandbox, this tool will encrypt your data and protect you from fake websites. The application can scan spam emails, but it also offers a built-in antivirus software that can recognize and remove security threats.

Avast Internet Security has a Behavior Shield feature that will analyze app behavior in real-time. This feature will alert you if an application tries to perform anything suspicious. In addition to antivirus, the application also has a built-in firewall so you can easily restrict applications from accessing the Internet. If you’re using a wireless network, you’ll be happy to hear that Wi-Fi Inspector feature can check your router and see if your network is vulnerable to security attacks.

This tool also offers Browser Cleanup feature that can remove sneaky toolbars, add-ons and extensions that were installed without your knowledge. The application also has a built-in password manager that will keep your login information safe from malicious users. Avast Internet Security also offers Real Site feature that can recognize fake websites. Lastly, there’s a SafeZone Browser that can provide you with extra security while browsing.

Avast Internet Security is a great antivirus with sandbox features, but unfortunately this tool isn’t free. The application requires you to purchase a yearly license in order to use it, but you can also download the 30-day trial version for free.

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