7 email-scanning software that detect and remove viruses and spam

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
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Email attachments proliferate and spread viruses. For example, Melissa was one of the more notable mass-mailing viruses. Thus, email scanning software are effectively anti-virus utilities that scan and detect email viruses. Most of the best  anti-virus utilities automatically scan emails for viruses, but there are still quite a few that don’t come with any integrated email scanners. In addition, there are also some more specific email anti-virus packages for network mail servers that eliminate malware, viruses and block spam. These are some effective email-scanning software for combating mail viruses.

Bitdefender Antivirus (recommended)

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While we’re at essentials, we can’t overlook the Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition which is, arguably, the best free antivirus you can get for Windows 7. But, there’s a catch: the amazing virus detection and protection features are all you’ll get. No additional features, no multi-structural protection, password managers, or Wi-Fi advisors.

Most of the antivirus software nowadays evolved into multi-functional hubs for everything even remotely related to PC security. Not the free version of Bitdefender. What you’ll get with this tool are the ultimate anti-malware and anti-phishing protection traits. For other built-in tools and bonus features, you’ll need to purchase the premium version.


Panda Internet protection (suggested)

Panda Internet Protection also has a free version of its antivirus. Once known as Panda Free Antivirus, it can be found in the free version on the official website but it has limited features for advanced users, especially for those which have special expectations for mail protection and web surfing. If you want to access all of its potentials – you’ll have to upgrade up to full version.

This version has special algorithms and can filter urls and web surfing. You will also have an integrated USB protection provided for your USB devices. Also, you can use it on all versions of Windows due to its latest total optimization.

Symantec Norton Security (recommended)

Norton Security is one of the more highly rated anti-virus utilities. This is more general anti-virus software that includes an integrated email scanner. This software has Standard, Deluxe and Premium editions. The Premium subscription is the best version that usually retails at about $109.99 for a one-year license, but at the moment is discounted to $54.99. It’s compatible with the Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

As mentioned, Norton Security has a POP3 and SMTP email scanner that scans incoming email attachments and hyperlinks for viruses, spyware and malware. The email anti-virus scan is configurable as you can select it to scan either incoming or outgoing mail. In addition, it also includes instant messaging scanning for Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Cerulean Studios.

AVG AntiVirus (suggested)

AVG AntiVirus is an award-winning anti-virus software for Windows. As such, t’s a good choice for killing off pesky email viruses. You can add the freeware version of AVG AntiVirus or AVG Internet Security Unlimited to Windows, Mac or Android platforms. AVG Unlimited has a £49.99 ($62.90) annual subscription.

AVG AntiVirus has a more limited email scanner that will block suspicious email attachments and hyperlinks. AVG Unlimited will also scan for and block spam and phishing emails. The software includes a variety of email configuration options for users. For instance, users can select to scan for incoming or outcoming emails, scan inside archives and to use heuristics. You can also set up the utility to scan Gmail emails if you’re using email client software to open them.

GFI MailEssentials

GFI MailEssentials is email-scanning software specifically designed for network mail servers. It will scan for all manner of email junk, be it viruses, spam or phishing. It has three separate editions: UnifiedProtection, Anti-spam and EmailSecurity. UnifiedProtection effectively combines both the other two editions and has a $28 annual subscription. The software is compatible with the Microsoft Windows Server platform.

The great thing about GFI MailEssentials is that it incorporates five renowned anti-virus engines. It supports Kaspersky, Avira, BitDefender and McAfee engines for scanning emails. Kaspersky provides advanced malware detection for unknown email attachments. Furthermore, the software is loaded with anti-spam filter tools such as SpamRazor, Sender Policy Framework and Grey List that block junk emails. All the GFI MailEssentials tools are accessible within its web-based console UI that provides end users with email scan reports and statistics.


MailScan is email anti-virus software for mail servers. So, this is primarily business network software that eliminates email viruses and malware from email. The software supports a variety of mail servers among which are Microsoft Exchange Server, SMTP Server, Lotus Notes and VPOP3. It’s also compatible with most Windows platforms including the Server series. MailScan is retailing at $129.50 on the publisher’s site.

This utility offers fast and efficient real-time scanning of email attachments and can detect unknown viruses. MailScan scans any emails before they enter the system and works with outbound messages as well as incoming emails. MailScan’s Scanner Administrator enables users to configure which type of email attachments enter their mailing systems. The software also makes the most of various technologies to block spam and phishing emails.


Mailwasher is primarily spam-filtering software, but can also be a handy email anti-virus utility. This is one of the foremost spam-filtering programs you can use with pretty much any email software be it Outlook Express, Incredimail, Microsoft Mail and Windows Live Mail. In addition, it also enables you to delete email spam and viruses with webmail providers. The program has a freeware version you can add to Windows by pressing the Download Mailwasher Free button on this website. The Pro version is retailing at $39.95 and includes a Recycle Bin and extended preview pane. You can also add Mailwasher app to Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iOS platforms.

Mailwasher enables its users to preview and delete emails at the server before the email software has got them. It relies on a sophisticated Bayesian Filter scanning technique to highlight spam that scans the email and compares the text with its two-word lists. Overall, the software has fairly extensive anti-spam tools such as external blacklists, real time blackhole lists and customizable filters.

Those are a few efficient anti-virus email-scanning utilities for Windows and other platforms. They rid emails of viruses and malware and are also handy anti-spam and anti-phishing tools.