Microsoft and Google fixed Chrome memory issues on PCs (almost)

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fix slow Chrome issues

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Google and Microsoft are currently working together to reduce the overall memory strain that Chrome puts on computers.

There is no doubt that Chrome is the favorite browser of many Internet users.  However, we’re pretty much sure that most of them don’t have any idea about the amount of processing power the browser chews up. 

Most importantly, users with low-end devices complain that the browser takes a few seconds to startHowever, you don’t need to worry because this is about to change very soon.

Fix incoming for slow Chrome issues

Microsoft’s engineers managed to trace the cause behind the bug and suggested a fix. The delay is triggered by the manner in which the browser uses ImagePreReader to pre-read its DLL files i.e Chrome.dll and chrome_child.dll. 

Microsoft suggests that Google needs to improve the DLL prefetcher for Chrome to avoid memory management issues. The tech giant even made some changes to overcome memory and CPU usage issues.

However, it should be noted that Microsoft is currently working on the fix. The company may take some time to release it to the general public.

If you don’t want to want until Microsoft and Google have solved this problem, you can try an alternative UR-Browser

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New Chrome features coming your way

The change is a result of Microsoft’s interest in the Chromium project. Moreover, Google is also working very hard to introduce some brand new features to Chrome.

Some of these features are tabs groups and warnings for malicious URLs. It is interesting to see how both companies work together to come up with enhanced browsers versions.

The Redmond giant is currently testing the new Chromium-based Edge version. The company first made it available to Windows 10 Insiders. Now its pre-release build is available to Mac users as well.

Microsoft unveiled its plans to offer a Linux version during Build Developer Conference 2019. Microsoft plans to release the new Chromium Edge very soon.

Have you ever noticed a delay while starting your Chrome browser? Share your experiences in the comments section below.



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