Fix: GTA 4/GTA 5 lag problems in Windows 10

By: Ivan Jenic
2 minute read

With Windows 10 we expected better optimization and performance, and for the most part, we got what we needed. Sadly, not everyone got the improved performance and some users are complaining about lag in GTA 4 and GTA 5 on Windows 10.
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We have to mention that both of these games are quite demanding on hardware power, so make sure that you can run them first. If these game ran perfectly on your previous operating system, then the lagging is related to Windows 10 and driver optimization.

First thing that you can do is to check for any game updates, or for Windows 10 updates. If the developers are aware of any bugs and incompatibilities, they are probably going to fix them with an official update. But until the official update comes, you can try the following:

Solution 1 – Try alt tabbing your game a few times

If you experience any lag, try pressing Alt+Tab and going back and forth between your game and your desktop. It’s not the best solution, but sometimes it helps. In addition, try running your game in fullscreen instead of windowed mode to get the maximum performance.

Solution 2 – Uninstall and reinstall your display drivers

  • Download Display Driver Uninstaller from here.
  • Run the program and uninstall the drivers.
  • Find your graphic card manufacturer and download the latest drivers from the website.  We also recommend this third-party tool (100% safe and tested by us) to automatically download all the outdated drivers on your PC.
  • Install them and try running the game again.
  • In some specific cases, you might need to install the older version of drivers, but if Windows 10 drivers are available, make sure that you try them first.

Solution 3 – Reinstall Windows 10

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or Windows 7, sometimes it’s good to perform a clean install of Windows 10 in order to get rid of any software incompatibilities. Just download the ISO file from Microsoft’s website, burn it to a DVD or create installation USB and reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. If this seems a bit complicated to you, you can always ask a friend or hire someone to help you out.

If none of these solutions are helpful to you, you’ll just have to wait for official patch from Microsoft or Rockstar Games. In addition, if you have any concerns, you can ask for developers on the Microsoft’s or Rockstar Games forums.

If you have any other Windows 10-related issues with GTA 5 you can check for solutions in the following articles:

Editor’s Note – we updated the article to include more solutions. The original version was published in August, 2015.

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