Here’s what the PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox gets you

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft is introducing the PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox is a compact and convenient way to charge your Xbox controllers.
  • The PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox is a product that does exactly what it promises, and does it well.
  • At a budget-friendly price and efficient functional features, this will definitely be a must-buy.
When will we see Quake Champions on Xbox

If there’s an area where Microsoft has consistently excelled in the console wars, it’s controllers. Microsoft’s standard wireless Xbox controller is a great gamepad, but it’s not without its flaws.

Although Microsoft has done a lot to improve the Xbox’s controller over the past two generations, one thing that hasn’t changed is the reliance on AA batteries to power the joypads.

It can be frustrating to run out of juice during an intense multiplayer session, and while there are official rechargeable battery packs available, they are pricey.

As such, it can be a good idea to invest in a charging station. That’s where the PowerA Dual Charging Station comes in.


If you’re a proud owner of the Xbox Series X or S, there’s no better upgrade than a nice accessories bundle.

The PowerA Dual Charging Station is a budget-friendly option for recharging your Xbox controller, compatible with both the older Xbox One controller and the new and improved Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller.

The PowerA Dual Charging Station is an inexpensive alternative to Microsoft’s official Xbox charging dock. It’s compatible with both wired and wireless controllers, and it even works with the new controllers for the Xbox Series X|S.

Dual-charging stands are nothing new, but the pricing on this one makes it a great value. At $25, the PowerA Dual Charging Station is an affordable device that does exactly what it promises. It comes in black and white colors.

All the new features

PowerA’s Dual Charging Station for Xbox is a stylish charging dock for two Xbox controllers that looks great sitting next to your console.

It has some nifty features, and the inclusion of two battery packs means you’ve got everything you need in the box.

You can get your controllers ready for charging in a few quick steps. First, install the batteries and battery door for your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S controller (PowerA includes both). Next, plug in the AC adapter, then drop each controller onto the dock.

When it comes to battery life, it is not yet up to par with competitors but it is something you can work with at the moment as it is able to last you at least 24 hours with gaming and more.

The downside

The design of the product, although simple and functional, it is made of lightweight plastic. For the price, it is evident some compromises had to be made so it seems this was the area.

Whereas black and white are classic colors, those are the only colors available. The PowerA Dual Charging Station is also much more fragile than its competitors. The parts are loose and tend to move from side to side.

This isn’t a huge issue, and it’s certainly not a dealbreaker, but it is a little frustrating. If you’re someone who wants to be able to place your controller down without thinking about it, then this dock isn’t for you as charging can be easily disrupted.

The indicator lights are also not as accurate as advertised as they take a long to shift from orange to white when charging is complete.

When fully charged, the batteries last up to 20 hours of playtime but do take quite some time to be fully charged.

For the price, it is definitely a convenient and efficient buy you should consider adding to your collection.

Will you be buying the PowerA Charging Station? Let us know what features appeal most to you in the comment section below.