How to hide your IP address in Windows 7

Aleksandar Ognjanovic
by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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hide ip address windows 7

Even though Windows 10 is slowly moving to the top, Windows 7 is still the most used Microsoft-produced OS out there.

And, due to lack of proper support for Windows 7, tech folks are more Windows 10-oriented when it comes to privacy and security.

That’s something we’re not keen to overlook, especially with the current state of internet privacy which is threatened like never before.

The first step to protect your privacy is to hide your IP address. That’s your trace on the world wide web and you don’t want to leave it for data-thirsty ISPs or advertisement companies.

Hiding your IP address has much more benefits than mere privacy, and today will try to explain why it’s important to stay anonymous and how to do it in Windows 7.

Make sure to check the story below and choose one of the presented tools to stay in the clear.

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How to hide your IP address in Windows 7

  1. Use VPN
  2. Try Proxies
  3. Tor browser

First, let us explain why exactly is paramount to hide your IP address, and why many users neglect the importance of privacy that’s condemned in the current state of the World Wide Web.

What’s your IP address? Think of it as the digital version of your home address. It’s an essential part of networking and communication, unique for every user. It’s your personal internet ID.

And, just as your ID card, your IP address contains sensitive data, like your exact location or network details that can be used for tracking by the site you visit or some third-party snoops, like government or hackers.

That also enables various advertisers to track you and create a profile of you. With all your interests and browsing preferences included.

Moreover, the constant switching of your IP address also denies access to anyone trying to remotely access your PC.

Another valid reason for you to hide your IP address are geo-restrictions imposed by certain providers and sites. The site reads your IP address and won’t let you in due to a location blockade.

Also, it’s a valid way to avoid censorship inflicted by certain governments. That should be it regarding the ”Why?” factors. Now, let’s move to ”How?” and try to answer how to hide your IP address in Windows 7.

1: Use VPN

The popularity of VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions is reaching sky lately, especially after various whistleblower leaks informed the vast internet society of privacy infringements.

VPNs let you choose the preferred server with various geo-locations, enabling you to stay anonymous when online.

For example, you can sit in your comfy chair in Kuala Lumpur while your IP shows that you’re somewhere in Manhattan.

Beyond that, many VPN services offer additional privacy-related tools (e.g. military grade encryption) and can be used on various devices, both PCs, and smartphones.

We gave our 2 cents on the paid vs free VPN solutions, but it’s completely your choice whether you’ll pay for a VPN service or use a free solution.

Our VPN of choice is CyberGhost VPN.  We’re indeed partnered with its developer, but it’s nonetheless a great application with various important traits. It’s one of the most affordable solutions, too.

It offers the 7 days of the free trial, so make sure to check it out.

download cyberghost windows 10

On the other hand, if you’re keen to try an alternative, here’s the list of top-rated VPN solutions for Windows 7 at the moment:

Even though they look similar in regards to price and features, there are differences that’ll make you choose one over the other. Make sure to inform yourself before you choose a VPN solution.

It’s an important tool and you don’t want to spend money on something that’s lackluster, slow or doesn’t cover your needs (torrenting, avoiding geo-restrictions, encryption, privacy etc.).

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2: Try Proxies

While VPNs cover everything, proxies are more browser-related services. The simplest way to explain how proxy works is to imagine it as a mediator between you and the website you want to access.

It changes your private IP address with random public IP, obscuring your ID in the process. There are also various proxy solutions, both online and offline, with both proxy and reverse proxy traits.hide ip address windows 7

For the IP-hiding reasons, we’ll need to look for Anonymous proxy servers and use them to hide the IP address.

Two main things you’ll need to focus when searching a reliable proxy solution for your Windows 7 are speed (some of those slow down connection substantially) and reputation.

Performance-wise, the paid proxy solutions are also much better than the free ones, but it all depends on how often you use a proxy.

Here’s the list of the best-rated proxy solutions for Windows 7 at the moment:

There’s so much more similar solutions online and many of those offer better service for a monthly fee. Make sure to check all the related information before you decide to pay for a proxy server.

Unable to connect to Proxy Server in Windows 7? Don’t panic! We’ve got the right solution for you!

3: Tor Browser

All major third-party browsers will, at some point in time, let you know that they care about your privacy and that’s completely safe to use them.

No tracking, no privacy intrusion, no selling your browsing history to a higher bidder.

For example, newly-introduced Firefox Quantum uses privacy protection as its go-to card.hide ip address windows 7

However, that’s not completely true. Especially if we compare any given browser out there with Tor browser. Tor is an embodiment of safe browsing for ages and it’s still the best way to access Dark Web if that’s your cup of tea.

The Onion Router (TOR) got its name thanks to a multi-layered encryption which it uses to grant users with complete anonymity. On the other hand, Tor is best when combined with a VPN, as it doesn’t check all the boxes on its own.

Also, some sites use Anti-Tor blockers so you won’t be able to access them using Tor browser.

Download and use Tor Browser to surf website in privacy!

You can download Tor browser for Windows here, free of charge. We’re certain you’ll get to know its positive sides within minutes.

That should do it. We hope this article shed some light on ways how to hide your IP in Windows 7. For the additional inquiry or alternative ways to make your IP address invisible to third-party sites, make sure to post in the comments section. It’s just below.