How to install Opera One on a Samsung Smart TV

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  • Wondering how to install Opera One on your Samsung Smart TV? You've come to the right place.
  • After you access your TV's store app, you can search for Opera and download it from there.
  • Alternatively, download the apk version from your current web browser.
opera-apk how to install opera on samsung smart tv
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These past few days, we’ve noticed that our Firefox and Chrome browsers have become noticeably slower, and we’re not sure why this is happening, given that our TVs are far from being out of date. Thus we will show you today how to install Opera One on your Samsung Smart TV.

The Opera One browser is well-known for being extremely fast. It also includes some extremely useful data compression features, which the browser has recently made available for mobile platforms as well.

As a standard feature, Opera One includes all of the essential functions that any browser should provide, such as pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and so on.

However, what distinguishes this browser is its lightning-fast Internet browsing session, whether or not images are being loaded.

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It is also extremely customizable, and you can even create your own custom keyboard shortcuts to access the Flow function.

Let’s see in more detail what the advantages of using Opera One are and then jump to the answer that you had come for: how to install Opera One on a Samsung Smart TV. Follow along!

What are the advantages of using Opera One?

Opera is one of the most underappreciated web browsers available today. Despite the fact that it is frequently included in lists of the most popular browsers, only a small proportion of the total number of users makes use of it.

There are approximately 60 million users of Opera Mini on desktop computers and twice that number of users of Opera Mini for Android devices.

Opera One is a resource-conscious browser that prioritizes the use of your computer’s and the Internet’s resources over all else.

If you are tired of browsers such as Chrome and Firefox slowing down your computer, this is a deal-breaker or a deal-maker for you.

A built-in advertisement blocker in Opera One eliminates the need to use a third-party one. According to Opera One, their ad blocker can stop all types of advertisements while also speeding up the loading time of websites by up to 90%.

The browser has recently added a battery saver feature that can help you get more use out of your laptop’s battery by extending its life by up to 50%.

When your laptop is not plugged in, or when you manually enable the feature, it will adjust various settings in order to conserve battery life without sacrificing performance.

Furthermore, it has a built-in free VPN that is completely unrestricted and that you can begin using with a single click of a button. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

How can I install Opera One on my Samsung Smart TV?

1. Download it from your current browser

  1. Access the current browser installed on your Samsung Smart TV and search for Opera One TV browser. Note that the browser will work on Android TVs, excluding the ones that run on Web OS.opera-search how to install opera on samsung smart tv
  2. Look for the APKmirror website and enter it.apk-opera how to install opera on samsung smart tv
  3. Scroll down to the download button and click on it to start the process.opera-download how to install opera on samsung smart tv
  4. Once the file is downloaded, run it and follow the on-screen steps to install the Opera One browser.

Opera One has a user-friendly interface that is compatible with your Smart TV, making it both sleek and simple to use. It loads pages quickly and adjusts pages to fit the size of your Android television.

Using the convenient Speed Dial feature, you can quickly navigate to frequently visited websites without leaving the homepage. Users can access bookmarks and create separate tabs in the same way that they would in a PC web browser.

Take a look at our in-depth comparison between Opera and Brave, to decide whether you will stick with the former browser from now on.

Was this guide useful for you? Leave us a comment in the section below and tell us what you think. Thanks for reading!

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