HP Elite X 3 to cost $699 worldwide, launch scheduled for August 29

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The upcoming HP Elite X3 is a very good looking phone with impressive specs. Although HP hasn’t confirmed anything about the release date or the price tag for this terminal, it appears that two HP branches have been more than generous in details.

As far as the release date is concerned, various rumors first suggested that the Elite X3 would land in June, only to push the launch date later in September. Other rumors hinted the phone could be shipped early August. However, recent information  point to another release date : August 29.

If the phone will indeed be released on this date, HP has enough time to install the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS on this terminal.

HP Elite X3’s price tag has also been subject for debate, as many rumors suggested it would cost $599 or $775. It appears that the true price tag is somewhere in the middle, as recently emerged information suggest the phone will have a $699 price tag available worldwide.

At the moment, the official websites of the Dutch and Swedish HP branches already list the HP Elite X3 with different price tags. HP Sweden offers the terminal for $956, while HP Netherlands presents it with a $699 price tag.

Either way, the best news is that users will soon be able to purchase this incredible terminal.

Here are the features that make this phone so special:

  • “Do it all from a single device: The handheld HP Elite x3 is an easy and convenient way to work, in the office and on the go. 
  • Work uninterrupted.
  • Easy access to business-critical apps.
  • Simplify your IT: Make device and app management easier than ever with a single device that leverages your existing Windows infrastructure and can replace a separate smartphone, tablet, and PC.
  • Engineered to endure: The HP Elite x3 is a robust device designed to perform in even the most challenging environments. It has passed MIL-STD 810G testing5 and is IP676 rated for dust and water resistance.
  • Optimized for business collaboration.
  • Enjoy clear conversations with premium audio by B&O PLAY, dual front-facing speakers, active noise cancellation microphones, and an 8 MP front-facing camera that’s great for Skype for Business conference calls.
  • A high level of security: Help secure your data and apply corporate security policies with integrated hardware and software encryption, and iris and fingerprint authentication.
  • Turn every room into a screening room: Project your slide show, video, product demo, and more to a larger screen through the integrated Microsoft Miracast technology.
  • Worldwide, world-class one-year limited warranty delivered by HP experts.”



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