HP Spectre x360 looks great, customize it to fit your needs

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Chances are you’re looking to purchase a new laptop with the power to back it up. If this is the case, then we recommend grabbing the HP Spectre x360, one of the best  Windows 10 laptops the company has ever created.

The laptop can be purchased directly from HP’s online store which give users better options when compared to buying the same laptop from a brick and mortar store. By doing so, consumers can configure the device to their needs before checking out.

For those interested in this Windows 10 laptop, the base model comes with a 13.3-inch QHD display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. This display is also UWVA BrightView OLED-backlit, multitouch-enabled and sports edge-to-edge glass. If you’re looking to bump the specs up to 4K, change its screen to the 15.6-inch option.

Other options include upgrading to a more powerful Intel i7 processor along with a better GPU for playing the most advanced video games from the Windows Store like Killer Instinct and Quantum Break.

The hard drive can also be bumped up to a 1TB flash solid state drive; the RAM can be increased to 16GB. At the end of the day, the price of this machine could make it over $2,000 when the best equipment is added.

Now, all that’s left to be seen is going all out will actually make for a better machine. We recommend waiting for reviews to see what critics have to say about the quality of the build and how it performs overall. We are more intrigued by its QHD display, so if HP can manage to deliver a screen with a certified wow factor, we’ll be more than happy to take the plunge.

HP has released some cool laptops as of late. One of the company’s most recent is the EliteBook 1030, a device we deem a powerhouse due to its awesome specifications. The company is also working on a Windows 10 Mobile device known as the HP Elite x3, expected to come with fingerprint scanning support.

Want to buy this laptop? Check it via the HP online store and configure it to your needs.



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