5 Best HTML5 Online Photo Editors To Use In 2023

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  • HTML5 online photo editors aren't that hard to find, but the good ones are rare.
  • We've compiled a list of the best ones that have advanced features and great functionality.
  • Some of these tools are downloadable, while others are available in the form of web apps.
What are the Best HTML5 Online Photo Editors

An HTML5 online photo editor offers a number of advantages over native applications.

For one, they are compatible with all major browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Tor, Opera, etc.

This means users can use HTML5 editors on all platforms, from Windows 10 to iOS and Android.

Furthermore, HTML5-based applications tend to load faster due to having lighter coding. Users also do not have to waste time downloading additional plugins to get the online editor to work.

If you are interested in using an HTML5 online photo editor, then you will want to take a look at the list below.

All of the photo editors in this list are based on HTML5 and can only be accessed online. It is important to note that there are of course other top online photo editors found on the Internet.

This list is merely meant to help point users in the right direction. In addition, the photo editors in this list are not ordered from best to worst.

Rather, each of these applications is unique, and will hopefully help each reader out in his/her quest for an HTML 5 online photo editor.

What are the best HTML5 online photo editors?

Fotor – Best HTML editor for professionals

fotor HTML5 image editor

Fotor is an online editor software you can use for graphic designing, editing images, collage maker, or NFT creation.

With this free photo editor, you have a world of possibilities in terms of editing tools for professional photos or designs.

For instance, these next editing features are helpful for both beginners and professionals who need impressive pictures.

You have a photo enhancer that helps to improve image quality with HDR, plus background remover, blemish removing tools, photo effects, and so on.

The editing process couldn’t be more simple. You just need to select your photo and upload it, choose from multiple features and edits, adjust the last details for preview – and download your photos.

More so, there is the graphics tool. You can choose from thousands of templates and graphic elements for social media designs, book covers, invitations, or flyers.

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So you can’t go wrong choosing this online photo editor that works for any online browser with HTML5 support.

Fotor key features include:

  • Manipulate fonts, image shapes, icons, clip arts, stickers, shadow, color, and much more
  • Thousands of preset templates are available
  • Create posters, cards, social media covers, blog designs, advertisements, etc.
  • The beauty retouching feature allows quick touch up for photos
  • Quick access to easy-to-follow tutorials


Create your most expressive photos with this thrilling editing and graphic creator software.

Photopea – Best photo editor for beginners

photopea HTML5 online photo editor

More powerful than Picozu, Photopea has often been called online Photoshop because of its handy features.

Designed more for users who have had experience editing photos, Photopea can be overwhelming for first-timers.

The great thing about Photopea is that it doesn’t trouble itself with a fancy, artistic user interface to entice users. Instead, it relies on its powerful tools and features to keep users coming back for more.

You simply have to click on the link and use the online photo editor. It does not require the download of a plugin.

The program supports PSD format, which is the format Photoshop uses for its shortcuts but you can also save your images in JPG, PNG, and SVG.

It works great on all major browsers and usually does not have any lag when you are editing photos.

So, if you are someone who prefers a clean application with highly effective tools to work with, then you will want to consider using Photopea.

Here are some of its best features:

  • Supports the PSD format but also JPG, PNG, and SVG
  • No plugin download required
  • Works great on all major browsers
  • Friendly interface and straightforward usage
  • Perfect for beginners

Get Photopea

DeviantArt Muro – Best photo editor with drawing capabilities

deviant Art muro HTML5 editor

Specifically built for artists, DeviatArt lets you edit photos as well as use a number of tools to create art.

If you’re looking for more drawing tools than editing tools, you will certainly enjoy this application more.

Users looking for an outlet for their creativity should check out this HTML 5 photo editor. While DeviantArt muro is simple, it has a pleasant interface and offers some neat layering options.

This application runs entirely on HTML 5, so you can also quickly access the editor with a simple click of its link. No additional plugins are required to be installed.

DeviantArt muro is a niche application that caters to individuals who want an editor that has drawing features.

However, you can’t make modifications to the filters and that makes it a bit too simplistic for the likes of professionals.

Take a look at DeviatArt muro’s key features:

  • Projects are automatically saved if you sign in to a DeviantArt account
  • Highly effective drawing tools  
  • Simple access and convenient layout
  • Save your work in vectorial formats
  • Graphical interface based on layers

Get DeviantArt muro

Pixlr Editor – Best HTML editor with free templates

Pixlr Editor is an excellent HTML5 online photo editor that’s very easy to use. The user interface is very intuitive. If you’ve used Microsoft Paint before, you’ll quickly get the hang of Pixlr Editor.

The platform offers a series of advanced photo editing options that allow you to create impressive images or improve the quality of the pictures you upload.

Besides photo retouching, this online tool allows you to save your work in PDF and PXZ formats, the last one being ideal for collaboration.

You can do a lot with this app for free but there is also a premium version available that allows you to unlock many useful design templates, stock images, and editing features.

Check out some of its key features:

  • Work on multiple layers
  • Simple and easy to use photo retouching features
  • Save your work in JPG, PNG, WEBP, PDF, and PXZ formats
  • Great set of editing tools arranged conveniently
  • Create photo collages with ready-made layouts

Get Pixlr Editor

Fix the photo – Best photo editing professional service

Although Fix the photo is not an editing app, it is extremely convenient if you want to save your time and benefit from professional-level results.

It is actually a service that provides photo fixing and retouching according to your desired specifications.

And the usage is very straightforward. Simply upload photos, write your requirements, and a dedicated team of graphical specialists will take care of the rest.

For a small per-photo fee, they will make portraits, wedding, body, product shots, or any other photos look great, even ready for magazine publishing.

They will enhance body shapes and skin texture, remove all unwanted elements, editing the images in a realistic fashion.

So, with this service, you no longer need to have any skills or worry about filters, colors, and whatnot.

Take a look at its key features:

  • Professional photo retouching services
  • Just upload photos and describe your requirements
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Easy to use, just by creating an account
  • No download and graphical skills required

Get Fix the photo

An HTML5 online photo editor offers many advantages over traditional editing applications.

Faster, easier, and more flexible, HTML5 applications are a highly effective solution to your editing problems.

With this list, you will find it easier to find the online photo editor that meets your unique needs.

We also included a professional photo retouching service in case you don’t want to spend any time and get the best results.

You should also look at our selection of the best free photo editors for Windows 11 because you might also get some suggestions. Don’t worry, they also work in Windows 10.

Have you tried any of these apps? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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