FIX: Hulu keeps logging me out of my account

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Hulu users have complained of continuous account logoffs various browsers, operating systems, or devices.
  • This article tries to cover possible reasons why this is happening along with some fixes.
  • We have a dedicated Hulu Hub filled with guides like the one below, so make sure to visit that as well.
  • Check out our dedicated Video Streaming Fix section for possible issues and recommendations.
hullu account issue

As is the case with any paid service, on-demand video streaming service Hulu is account-mandatory.  Sing-up is required whether you are on the one-month trial period, or on any paid plan you chose.

Having said this, it appears that one of the most common account-related issues with Hulu is that the service keeps logging the user out.

Repeated account log offs have been reported with various browsers, operating systems, or devices (such as smart TVs or Xbox gaming console).

Why does Hulu keep logging me out and how to stop it?

1. Update the Hulu apphulu account

If you’re streaming videos while using Hulu on an Android device, the repeated log-out issue might pop-in because the app is outdated. To fix this, go to Play Store, find the Hulu app, and click on Update, if available.

2. Update your web browser

Similarly, Hulu might keep deleting your account details because of missing important updates in the web browser you’re using on your mobile device.

Try the same recommendations as above to update your web browser.

3. Clear cookies and cachefix hulu account log off

If the updates were not installed automatically when available or using the previous solution, the device might be running low storage space. Make sure to clean up some space by clearing the cached data from the Storage section of the Settings menu.

To be even more precautious, search for the app and make sure there is no leftover cached date still stored.

The same goes if you’re on your PC or laptop. For most browsers, the cookies and cache can be found in the main menu (the upper right-hand corner of your browser) > Settings > Privacy & Security section.

4. Change the browserhulu keeps logging off

When an error persists after some fixes have been applied, we recommend reproducing it in a similar environment, in this case in a different web browser.

So try to switch from Chrome to Mozilla, or between any browsers that you’re comfortable using, and see if the issue is fixed.

5. Log out of the Hulu account on any other device

Hulu only allows a maximum of two simultaneous logins on different devices. So log out of your Hulu account on any other device.

If you’ve also logged in using a social media account like Facebook, the service will appear as active in the settings of the respective account, and you have to remove it.

6. Scan your device for possible other issuescan i fix hulu log off

Hopefully, you won’t have to use this solution, but we’re mentioning it just in case. It is well known that malware can affect the performance of your device. Consequently, we recommend the use of trustworthy antivirus software.

In this specific situation, run a scan and see if it finds out something suspicious. The unwanted files should be removed and your apps and services should run smoothly once again.

Not sure what antivirus software to chose? Read this article for 6 free antivirus solutions

FAQ: Learn more about common issues with Hulu accounts

  • How do I stay signed in to Hulu?

Usually, after the initial sign-up and log-in process, Hulu remembers your credentials, no matter the device. Additionally, with web browsers, you can also save your username and password so as not to reenter them at the next log-in.

  • Why can’t I access my Hulu account?

If you can’t log in or accessing your Hulu account, you should check for invalid login credentials, subscription status , or account activation status, among others.

  • How can I recover my Hulu account password?

Hulu offers its users access to an Account Recovery tool. You have 3 chances to recover your password; if you fail, you’ll have to create a new account.