• Upon creating an account in Hulu, you will get a primary profile that you will use for the duration of your subscription.
  • Creating different profiles for all family members is the ideal way that everybody keeps track of their favorite shows and movies, with an individual Keep Watching collection.
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We encountered an error when switching profiles on Hulu

Subscription-based streaming service Hulu allows up to six profiles to be added to the same account. The primary profile is that of the account owner.

While the service interface is pretty intuitive, errors are common. With profiles, the usual error is We encountered an error when switching profiles.

Note that the mentioned profile-related error occurs even when there’s only one primary profile attached to a certain subscription. Also, it can occur on all devices that support the Hulu service.

How can I fix We encountered an error when switching profiles?

How to switch between different profilescreate hulu profile

On Hulu.com

  1. Hover over the account name in the upper right corner of the page
  2. From the list of available options, select the desired profile

On Mobile devices

  1. Tap the Account icon
  2. From the list of available options, tap on the profile you want to switch to

On TV-connected devices

  1. Go to the Account icon
  2. Select Profiles from the menu
  3. Scroll to the profile you want to switch to and select it

How to fix possible errorsfix hulu profile errors

For desktop, laptop: log out completely. Then, log back in by re-entering your credentials. Launch Hulu again and see if the problem is solved.

For smart TV, mobile devices, or Roku: remove the device from your account and then add it again. Then launch Hulu and try streaming.

FAQ: Learn more about Hulu account profiles

  • How do I switch users on Hulu?
  1. Navigate to the Account icon.
  2. Select Profiles from the menu.
  3. Scroll to the profile you’d like to switch to and select it.
  • How many profiles can you have on Hulu?

Hulu allows up to six individual profiles associated with the same account. Each profile will have its history and Keep Watching collection.

  • How many Hulu profiles can watch at once?

You can download Hulu on as many supported devices as you have, but only two of them can be streaming simultaneously. If you attempt to stream from an additional device, you will get an error message.