How to Install the .Net Framework in Windows 10

Follow the instructions carefully to install it in less than 5 minutes

by Ivan Jenic
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  • Users have encountered various .NET framework errors on their Windows 10 devices.
  • Some of these errors say that your PC requires a different version of the .NET Framework.
  • We will show you how to install the .NET Framework on your PC using Command Prompt in just a few minutes.
Learn how to install .NET Framework in Windows 10
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Depending on the type of application being used in the Windows 10 operating system, you might get an error message regarding the .NET Framework. And this is why you must know how to install the .NET Framework on Windows 10 to get things up and running.

.NET Framework is a proprietary software framework developed by Microsoft and used by developers to build apps for the Windows ecosystem.

If you have been receiving errors regarding it, here’s how you can install the .NET Framework on Windows 10.

How can I install .NET Framework on my Windows 10 device?

You can easily install .net framework on your Windows 10 PC using the built-in Command Prompt as an admin. All you need to do is input the installation command input in cmd, then the tool will install .net framework for you.

1. First, you will need to connect the system with the boot CD/DVD or external hard drive with Windows 10 installation media on it.

2. Now, double click on This PC on the desktop or in the Start menu.

3. You will need to identify and jot down the drive letter of the CD/DVD Windows 10 installation media.

4. Type Command Prompt in the Search bar, and click on Run as administrator on the right.

command prompt to how to install .net framework on Windows 10

5. Click Yes in the UAC prompt that appears.

6. Now, paste the following command, replace E with the hard drive letter in your case, and hit Enter :Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source:E:sourcessxs /LimitAccess 

cmd dism

7. The installation of the .NET Framework on to your Windows 10 system should start.

8. When you see the The operation completed successfully message, close the Command Prompt and reboot the system.

9. After the device boots up again, verify if you have the .NET Framework installed.

Usually, when you have issues with an app, it will always ask you to download and install the .NET Framework from the Internet, but you can also do it directly from the Windows 10 CD/DVD, as described above.

You may also try other ways to install the .NET Framework. If you encounter problems after .NET Framework’s installation, especially if it is missing, fixing things shouldn’t take much time. 

Also, if you have any additional thoughts on this subject, please let us know in the comments section of this page.

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