Intego Antivirus review: Ultimate protection for Windows

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Intego is a well-known antivirus developer on macOS, but it also has a Windows antivirus, so we decided to try it out.
  • This tool is easy to use, and it's divided into 5 sections: Dashboard, Scans, Quarantine, Security Reports, and Settings.
  • It offers several scanning types, but you can also perform one with just a single click.
  • If you're worried about resources, this solution is not demanding and provides optimal protection.
intego review
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An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

There are various security threats online, ranging from browser hijackers to ransomware, and this is why it’s crucial that you use reliable antivirus software.

Intego was acquired by Kape Technologies, and its latest product brings 24/7 protection and high-grade protection to the Windows platform.

The company is a leader in computer security, especially on the macOS platform, and today we’re going to test Integro Antivirus on Windows 10 and see how secure it is.


What is Intego Antivirus?

Intego antivirus review main window

Intego Antivirus is an antivirus software created by security company Intego. The company has been making security software for macOS since 1997, and it has a userbase of thousands of customers.

Intego also has a Windows version of its antivirus software, so we decided to take it for a test run and see how it performs.

What features does Intego Antivirus have?

Ease of use and friendly user interface

The first you’ll notice about Intego Antivirus is its ease of use. The installation process is almost completely automated, so you won’t have to configure anything.

Once you start Intego Antivirus for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a simple and sleek user interface.

The application is divided into five sections: Dashboard, Scans, Quarantine, Security Reports, and Settings.

Each section is neatly organized, and you can find the features and settings that you need at a glance.

Multiple scanning methods

Intego Antivirus offers several scanning types, and you can perform a quick scan or a complete scan with just a single click.

If you want, you can also choose to scan only a specific file or folder. It’s worth mentioning that the antivirus will perform weekly scans in order to keep your PC safe.

Low resource usage

Unlike other antivirus software, Intego Antivirus is extremely light on your resources, even while performing a full system scan.

According to our tests, Intego Antivirus used only around 10% of CPU and up to 55MB of RAM during a full system scan.

intego antivirus review ram usage

Resource usage is even lower when using the application in Real-Time Protection mode, and it will barely use any of your CPU while keeping the memory usage roughly the same.

intego antivirus review full scan ram usage

We were pleasantly surprised at how well the application is optimized, and we’re positive that it will work even on low-end PCs without any problems.

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Web Shield

The Web Shield module blocks Malware downloads, suspicious websites, and web attacks when you’re browsing. The Web Shield’s status will appear in the My Dashboard window, as shown in the screenshot above.

If, by any chance, you need to disable it, you can do that from the Settings/Security section.

And if you want to limit the access of your kids, for instance, you can add URLs and IP addresses in the Web Shield to be blocked.

You will even be notified if someone tried to access those blocked IP addresses or URLs and that can be really handy.

High-end security

Intego Antivirus offers protection against various threats including malware, spyware, adware, ransomware, and other threats.

In our tests, the Realtime Protection has successfully blocked the malicious files when we tried to run them, and the infected files were moved immediately to the quarantine.

Regarding the quarantined files, you can view them easily in the Quarantine section and you can choose to delete them, restore them, or restore and add them to the list of exclusions.

intego antivirus review quarantine

Regarding the reports, all your reports are divided into three groups: Scan Reports, Real-Time Reports, and Exclusions Reports for easy viewing.

It’s worth mentioning that all quarantined files will be deleted automatically after 30 days, but you can easily change that.

Intego Antivirus also has VB100 Certification, and according to the VB100 tests, Intego Antivirus will detect 99% of threats with 0% of false positives.

This puts Intego Antivirus on the list of one of the most secure antivirus applications on the market.

If you want to try out Intego Antivirus, we covered in-depth the entire download/installation process.

Intego Antivirus

Intego Antivirus

Intego Antivirus is a lightweight antivirus software that can protect your PC from all major online threats.

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Intego Antivirus system requirements

Like we wrote above, Intego Antivirus is very permissive and doesn’t require too many resources to run optimally. Here’s the list of requirements:

  • Any officially supported PC compatible computer
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 500 MB free hard disk space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Internet connection is required (high-speed connection is highly recommended)

Intego Antivirus for PC – The final verdict

After some testing, we can confirm that Intego Antivirus is one of the best antivirus applications that we tested.

The software offers great protection and it’s pretty straightforward to use. We were also pleasantly surprised at how low its resource usage is.

Whether you have a high-end PC or a model that is several years old, Intego Antivirus will run smoothly on it and provide you with the best possible protection on the market.

Simple user interface
24/7 high-grade protection
Low CPU and RAM usage
VB100 Certification
No built-in firewall
Limited scheduling options
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