Best iPhone backup software for PC [2020 Guide]

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iPhone backup software

Electronic devices are prone to malfunctions, and when the device is iPhone, you better have an up to date data backup ready.  Apple offers its own backup management software iTunes for the iOS device users.

iTunes works well for the basic stuff like purchasing of apps and playing media files, but when it comes to taking a backup, iTunes is nowhere near perfection. This is where the third-party iPhone backup software for PC comes in.

iTunes being an in-house product does not cost anything to download and use but has the terrible iOS restore and update manager. iTunes also stores all the backup and firmware update files in the internal drive of the PC, without any option for the external drive. If you have ever tried taking backup of iMessage conversation using iTunes, you would know that is not possible either.

Fortunately, the third-party iPhone backup apps for PC can resolve these issues and offer a more seamless and a better-organized mode of iPhone data backup and file management experience.

If you are looking for the best alternative to iTunes, we have done the heavy lifting for you and compiled this list of best iPhone backup software for PC. Before making the purchase, download the free trial, try the backup software and later make the decision. So, let’s get started.


Which software is best for backing up iPhone on PC?


Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum

Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum iPhone backup software

  • Price – $49.95/$41.97/$29.95
  • Versions: iPhone Magic Platinum/iPhone Magic/iPhone Transfer


  • Transfer Files Between Multiple Devices
  • Download Online Videos from YouTube and MetaCafe
  • Ringtone Creator
  • Convert DVD /CD files and Transfer to iPhone
  • Transfer Apps, Contacts, Music, Videos and Documents to and from PC
  • Supports iOS 12, iPhone X and other iOS devices


  • Feels slower at times
  • Resource hungry

The iPhone Magic Platinum from Xilisoft is an all-in-one iPhone manager that facilitates the transfer of files from iOS devices to Mac and PC.

iPhone Magic Platinum can also convert and transfer video and audio files to iOS devices. It also comes with iPhone ringtone maker option for customization.

The basic features of the iPhone Magic Platinum include the transfer of files between devices through PC / Mac. Users can create personalized ringtones and download online videos from sites like YouTube and Metacafe, etc.

For those who want to move content from their DVD/CD drives to iPhone can use the convert feature to convert and transfer the files. Besides, it also supports apps transfer between iOS and computer.

Other features in the software include multiple media file management, photos, and videos transfer to PC and the ability to export the contacts and notes in .csv / .vcard file, etc.

What is not so good about iPhone Magic Platinum is the performance which at times depending on the tasks may take several minutes to finish. The developers can also work on the optimization as the software eats a good amount of memory when in action.


iSkysoft iTransfer

iSkysoft iTransfer iPhone Backup Software


  • Install and uninstall iPhones Apps in Batch
  • Manage iPhones Files like Photos, Videos, Call Logs and Voice Memos
  • Copy and transfer data from one iOS device to another


  • Slightly more expensive than the competition
  • Lacks support for some Audio and Video formats

iTransfer from iSkysoft is an all-in-one iPhone manager offering backup and data management solution. It gives the user control over iPhone files including music, videos, contact, call logs, voice memos, iMessages, etc.

An interesting feature in iTransfer is its ability to break the barriers of iTunes and let the user sync music from iTunes library to Android and vice versa. Besides, users can also drag and drop files from iTunes library/PC to iPhone, copy songs from iPhone to iTunes with a single click and even backup music from iPhone to Mac and PC.

On PC, iTransfer allows the user to manage the iPhone storage like a flash drive. Users can browse, manage files and folders and move and remove files with no restrictions.

Similar to iMazing, iTransfer also offers the ability to batch export iOS apps by exporting all .ipa apps from iPhone to Mac and PC. But, the feature is currently limited to iOS 9 and below running devices only.

A few not so good things about iTransfer include the price tag which is higher than iMazing, it does not support some audio and video formats and comes with not-so-useful features like the explorer making the software lumbersome.

Download iSkysoft iTransfer from the official website


iMazing Transfer

iPhone backup software

  • Price – $40


  • Create complete iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup
  • Restore Backups Directly from iMazing
  • Clone and copy one iOS device data to another iOS device
  • Manage Apps, Logs, Photos, Videos and Documents, and Game Progress
  • Supports Apple Watch


  • At times feels slower than iTunes
  • Initial scan takes long

iMazing is an iPhone management utility and one of the best alternative to iTunes. iMazing not only offers iPhone backup and restore options but also allows the users to update their iPhones to the latest iOS firmware without having to use iTunes.

iMazing is available for both Mac and PC.  It can do stuff that iTunes can’t, like exporting iMessages as a backup, offers the option to store iPhone backups on the external hard drive and the ability to browse archives.

It can manage apps, photos, videos, notes and call history along with PDF documents and ebooks from and to the iBooks. One can also import the pictures from PC to iOS by using drag and drop feature.

The ability to clone and transfer entire device backup to a new device is what makes iMazing “amazing” as removes the hassle of using iCloud or iTunes to restore and waiting for ages it to complete. Directly connect the devices to the computer, launch iMazing and start the transfer.

With the all the pros, there are some cons as well. My personal pet peeve is the infinite time the iMazing take to complete the first scan. You also can’t view messages, call history, etc. from the device but only from the backup.

Download iMazing Transfer 



ifunbox iPhone File Manager

  • Price – Free


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Completely free to use
  • Ability to install .ipa files on jailbroken iOS Devices
  • Allows access to the root folder on jailbroken devices


  • No iDevice to iDevice Transfer option
  • No iCloud data management option

iFunbox is the best free alternative to iTunes, period. Using the software iPhone users can install unsigned .ipa (iOS apps) into iPhone through PC.

Users can also access the root folder and explore the data in the sandbox. However, only jailbroken iOS device can install third-party iOS app .ipa files and access the root folder using the tool.

As a file manager iFunbox allow the users to manage multimedia files including the transfer of photos, music, ringtones, videos, voice memos, and other files instantly. The mobile hard disk folder in iFunbox’s toolbox tab lets the user use iPhone as a flash drive storage for easier access to files and folders.

While iFunbox offers a good number of features, it does miss out on some must-have features as well. First, unlike the iMazing app, iFunbox does not support iOS device to iOS device data transfer. So, if you want to export data from one iOS device to another device, it will be a cumbersome experience.

It also misses out on iCloud data management option. But for what’s it worth, iFunbox is undoubtedly one of the best file managers for iPhone.

Download iFunbox 


iExplorer 4

iExplorer iPhone backup software

  • Price : Basic – $39 / Universal – $49 / Family – $69


  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Compatible with iOS 12 and Latest iOS Devices including iPhone X/Xs/XR
  • Offer a complete iPhone backup solution


  • Occasional Performance Issues
  • High Price Tag
  • Limited Demo

iExplorer is a yet another iPhone backup software for PC that comes with a host of features. iExplorer facilitates the transfer of music, iMessages, photos, videos and other documents to a Mac or PC easily.

The disk mounting feature lets the user use the iDevice as a USB flash drive for easier access to data. It also gives access to saved apps data and other directories from iPhone.

Other features supported by iExplorer include the export of voicemails, address book, calendar events, reminder notes and call history as a backup to your PC. Just like iMazing, iExplorer allows browsing of iTunes backups and access to media folders containing iTunes purchases.

iExplorer with all its features has some cons that need to be addressed as well. To begin with, the performance of iExplorer is inconsistent, which can be annoying at times. In comparison to other iPhone backup software, iExplorer feels a little expensive, and the trial version of iExplorer does not allow the user to explore all the features (even in a limited way) without having to buy the license.

Bottom Line

Taking the regular backup of iPhone is essential and having a good iPhone backup software for PC makes the task easier. In this article, we have listed the best iPhone backup software with their pros and cons.

Each software comes with a free trial version with limited access, but that should give you enough time to asses and analyze the tool before making the purchase.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.