iTunes App for Windows 10 comes to the Store

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iTunes app comes to Microsoft store

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Apple and Microsoft joined efforts to deliver the full iTunes experience straight from the Windows 10 Store. First announced in May 2017 to be released by the end of the year, officials stated in December 2017 that they need more time to get it right. Now, the release is imminent and it’s due to come along with the Spring Creators Update.

iTunes is among the Top 10 most searched for apps that are missing from the Microsoft Store and it’s been long waited especially by users of Windows 10 S, which can only run apps from the Microsoft Store.

iTunes release for the Microsoft Store is forthcoming

The news was posted by an AppleCare advisor on r/Apple subreddit. He informs that the release of iTunes in Microsoft store is imminently and it will be available to the public anytime now.

Just received training for the release, with wordage saying that it is already out. Can not find it on the store currently, but it must be very soon. I am an AppleCare advisor. Upon launch, the program will detect any previous installations, migrate necessary data (libraries, iOS backups) and will then look and feel exactly like the installer version from the Apple website.

Although a new ItunesUWP file was spotted in the code of the latest version of iTunes for Windows, many of us are expecting a Universal Windows app. UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform – all specialized Windows 10 apps are built on top of this platform.

We might have to lower our expectations, as the app will migrate data from existing installations, similar to Spotify. At least, many users can now stop searching iTunes alternatives for Windows 10. Apple stated from the start the fact that the full iTunes experience will be available, including Apple Music streaming and also iPhone syncing. 

The Windows Store now called Microsoft Store is yet to establish its standalone capability with the most popular apps available. Find out more about the apps available from our articles.


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