5+ best free Android emulators for Windows 10/11

by Ivan Jenic
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  • If you have trouble using Android apps on your Windows device, try one of these best free Android emulators.
  • Emulators are tools that allow Android-compatible programs to run on Windows PC.
  • Luckily, there are plenty of such tools on the market and you'll easily find an Android emulator online.
  • Hence it only remains to check out the following solutions and pick the one that utterly satisfies your wants. 

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We’re all about Windows 10 Mobile here, but the fact is that a lot more users use Android. However, a lot of Android users are also using Windows 10-powered computers.

We’re going to combine these two things and present you with the best Android emulators for your Windows PC you can find.

Although the title of the article says Windows 10, because that’s the most used OS by our readers, all these Android emulators will work for other Windows versions that you might be running, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

As usual, the 1st position is the one we suggest as being the best and with the most features, but feel free to examine all your options.

What are the top 10 Android emulators for Windows PC?

LD Player

Topping off our list is an android emulator that deserves the #1 one spot not only because it is indeed completely free, but also because it is the best there is.

While relatively newer to the market and maybe not with the same resounding name as our other entries, LDPlayer does a wonderful job of breaking the barrier between mobile and PC gaming.

Enjoy all of the top games on Android on your PC device, and instead of wearing and tearing through your phone’s battery and touchscreen, simply use your mighty PC with a mouse, keyboard, or controller.

The games will run smoothly, no matter how complex or large they are, even full-scale mobile MMORPGs.

In addition, such a powerful android emulator can enhance your Android gaming experience regardless of processor provider, assuring the very high quality of your game.

Other worth mentioning aspects include custom controls, multi-instance function, macros, and of course high graphics and FPS performance.

All in all, LDPlayer is our top choice when it comes to merging Android and Windows OS.

LD Player

LD Player

Need to play an Android game but your phone can’t handle it? Play it on PC with this amazing free emulator!


BlueStacks is definitely the most famous Android emulator (founded 8 years ago) on our list, and it is also the most widely used one. And rightfully so.

It is totally free and after several tests, we concluded that this is the best Android emulator for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10.

BlueStacks runs 97% of what’s inside the Google Play Store on your Windows PC, as long as you run Windows XP or later.

It is the single Android App Player that we recommend virtualizing the full Android experience as Windows software without any harm to your system.

In general, BlueStacks is the best for playing Android games on their computers, but it’s okay for other purposes, as well. Also, it’s very simple to use, so even if you’re not an ‘advanced user, you’ll do good with this emulator.

Unlike others, BlueStacks 3.0 allows you to run multiple Android Apps and Games simultaneously.

Furthermore, the most recent update – BlueStacks + N Beta, represents the first and only Android gaming platform to have Android 7 while the majority of other Android emulators run Android 4.4.

This means you will use an upgraded graphics engine, making your games faster and better looking. And this is exactly why BlueStacks is our single and most honest recommendation.



Try out one of the most popular Android emulators in the world and find out what performance means, all completely free!

Nox Player

Nox Player is another great Android emulator for playing Android games on your PC.

To complete the gaming experience, Nox offers some additional utilities and additions, such as the support for the computer’s keyboard and mouse, as well as the gamepad.

It could be laggy sometimes, but the overall impression is satisfying. Another good thing is that it doesn’t come with any additional software.

The tool uses hardware resources of your PC to assure an awesome gaming experience for all users interested in emulating android games. So, relying on the PC resources you only have to choose from your library any game you like.

With this rich-featured solution, you will experience Android games without any bugs or crashes. Make the best of it using a modern and yet user-friendly interface that allows running entertaining games on PC.

Hence it’s very easy to run various games such as Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and so on. And it’s possible to record your game as well if you want such a feature included.

Regarding more features, Nox includes tools like keyboard mapping, support for multiple controllers, regular updates, and apps support.

Get NOX Player


MEmu is an excellent Android emulator created for one purpose only: gaming. Supporting both AMD and Intel chipsets, this tool will run on every computer.

It also supports KitKat, Lollipop, and Android Jelly Bean. This makes it extremely powerful and puts it in a good position.

More so, this tool offers amazing graphics for the games you emulate on your PC. The user interface is also very promising in terms of accessibility and controls options.

The keymapping offers great control features and offers to the user standard WASD keys to enjoy the most dynamic games. And regarding installation, it’s so easy because you can go to Google Play and pick anything you prefer.

Plus, MEmu gives the opportunity to transfer files from Windows to Android easily with one-click actions. If you want to transfer files on your mobile device you only have to add them to the tool and that’s it.

You can play and run almost every apps and game (problematic apps and games are problematic for every emulator, right?). From all its features, here are the most important that you should consider:

  • Sharing files between Android and Windows PC
  • GPS location simulation
  • Watch live shows and TV channels
  • Fast APK installation
  • Great experience with a well-designed user desktop

Get MeMu


Droid4X is one of the best choices for simulating Android on your computer. Addons are among the most interesting things in this emulator, which you can use to enhance the application’s functionality.

It comes with a pre-installed Google Play Store, and also beats the competition in gaming, although there are better options in terms of stability.

Another great feature is an app that you can install on your Android phone, so you can control games on your computer. Use this free Android emulator for your Windows PC with confidence.

With a popular solution like this, you have assured qualitative emulating services of Android applications. Either you only want to relax with funny games or need an app for driving purposes, it’s all there.

Moreover, the downloading process is so easy any toddler can do it. Any application you may need can be installed from the embedded download option.

Another intelligent feature is the developer capability that allows developers to test their games within the app. More features include recording options, compatibility with Windows 7 to 10, and increased gaming quality.

Get Droid4X


And now something for developers! Genymotion is absolutely the best Android emulator you can get if you’re into developing Android games on your computer.

It emulates apps and games on a variety of Android devices, without requiring you to own that device.

Also, besides choosing the device Genymotion will ‘act’ as, you can also set up various versions of Android, so you can experience how apps and games work in different environments.

You can, as well, easily switch between devices, by your desire. Genymotion is something like the opposite of AMIDuOS, because it’s great for developers, but not so great for regular users.

Therefore, using this solution you will get complete virtualization services for multiple purposes like games running on desktop or development needs.

In other words, it offers guaranteed testing methods and integrations like CircleCI, Bitrise, Terraform, and so on. So, in terms of features Genymotion includes infrastructure control, security for enterprises, infinite scalability, 3000+ android device configurations.

Another great function for developers and users is scalability performance, meaning that you can have access to unlimited virtual devices and run them simultaneously for test sharding.

Get Genymotion


Andy is a lesser-known Android emulator for Windows PC users, but it’s completely free. It used to be a little buggy when it first came out, but most of the issues have been fixed since then.

Andy supports some unique features that are not supported by all Android emulators out there, like remotely playing games on your computer from a mobile phone, ARM support, and the ability to directly install apps, using your desktop browser.

This emulator is also interesting because it ensures the most up-to-date Android OS at all times.

Using such an emulator solution it’s very easy to access your stack of used Android applications. Either productivity apps or games, you can convert it on the fly for the desktop version.

Also, it provides users with unlimited storage for apps installation on multiple devices, like Mac or Windows. Hence running favorite games on PC can not be easier.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about different Android versions thanks to the most updated versions assured by the software.

Regarding the features of this tool, you can enjoy Windows 7-8 compatibility, Smooth Android UI, MacOS support, phone as a controller, sensors integrations, Android cloud service, and more.

Get Andy


Koplayer is a well-rated app that is totally free and lets you open all the apps from the Google store.

This emulator uses a brand new x86 Kernel technology that should make it faster, better, and more compatible than any other emulator. Koplayer is compatible with Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10.

The game supports a gamepad, mouse, and keyboard so your gaming sessions could be more pleasant. It also offers you some interesting features for the camera, keyboard, and microphone.

That lets you record your gaming sessions, make screenshots and share them with your friends.

Mostly, using this emulator you can perform specific actions like installing different apps from Google Play Store, simply download APK files or run android games using your PC peripherals as a controller.

Coming up to the features, this software includes game recording and sharing, enhanced gaming performance, compatibility advantage, Play Store full support, and built-in video recording function.

You can try it and let us know in the comments section how does it work.

Get Koplayer

We’ll end our list here. As you can see, there are a lot of useful Android emulators for Windows out there, which is a great improvement over a few years’ periods.

You basically can choose the right emulator, based on your needs, skill level, and desires, which is great.

What’s your favorite Android emulator to use on your Windows 10 computer? Or you maybe know some quality emulator that we didn’t list here? Tell us in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • BlueStacks is an Android emulator for Windows. It allows you to run Play Store and Android apps or games on your Windows 10 device.

  • Yes and one of the easiest ways to do that is by using an emulator – a software designed to accommodate Android apps for PC use.

  • Not necessarily; but there are ways to give them a boost, for a faster gaming experience

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