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Today’s advancement in technology has made acquiring the best software to design jewelry for Windows 10 a lot easier. For locksmith, goldsmith, silversmith or jewelers current jewelry creation software offers the best in aesthetics and structure for innovative jewelry designs.

Only the best of digital tools can make the transformation from manual to a digital jewelry studio possible and seamless. Conventionally, it would take the local jeweler a couple of hours to create or modify the size of a ring. The jeweler first needs to sculpt a block of wax to build the model required for production.

But miraculously with 3D jewelry design software for Windows 10, it’s easier to achieve the same task in minutes. The beauty of the 3D jewelry application software for Windows 10 is that it allows one create multiple elements as well.

It’s possible to adapt to prongs, number of gems and even multiple jewelry designs for rings and more to a 3D printer. So, it’s time to explore some of the best software to design jewelry in 2019 for Windows 10.

There is countless jewelry rendering, creation or repair software for Windows 10. Many of the software solutions listed below come with compatibility for your PC, iPad, Android or iPhone devices as well. Here is some of the best jewelry designing software for beginners, intermediate designers, as well as advanced designers.

Best Windows 10 tools for jewelry design


LibreCAD [Jewelry design software for beginners]

librecad jewelry design


LibreCAD offers one of the best open source 2D software for jewelry designs and it’s free. The jewelry software comes with all the basic functions required to develop ones jewelry creation skill.

For a beginner jewelry software designer, it’s possible to modify or model designs with much ease from the friendly user interface. The major drawback for LibreCAD, however, is that it can only display in 2D views. But with the Isometric view function, the situation could be salvaged.

For beginners, it still stands as one of the best software to design jewelry for basic drawing or 3D CAD designs. LibreCAD also has only 30 MB file size so the user might not be able to store up or process much. However, work can go on without feeling cluttered while preparing for the shift to expert software.

Overall, the LibreCAD provides exceptional jewelry creation software with good enough functions and versatility. With the additional line of command at the bottom, the user can streamline the workflow for an awesome experience.

 Download LibreCAD


TinkerCAD [Jewelry design software for beginners]


Those relatively new to 3D jewelry rendering software modeling should find the TinkerCAD as been the perfect pick. Good thing for jewelry designing beginners is that it is free and works directly from your internet browser. The major drawback though is that more experienced jewelry designers will find this too basic due to the less complex features.

Its graphic user interface is quite simple to use making it user-friendly and requiring no previous knowledge of CAD software. So the TinkerCAD software could just be a start off point. It could help users learn how to use 3D software to design jewelry before upgrading to more advanced software.

Though simple, it’s versatile in helping user create a lot of awesome models for rings, necklaces, pendant, etc. And it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to create an intricate design using the TinkerCAD jewelry software.

Download TinkerCAD

Want to see TinkerCAD in action? Watch the video below:


SketchUp [Intermediate users]


For more experienced jewelers, SketchUp software made by Trimble could pass for the best software to design jewelry. The SketchUp 3D modeling design application is one of the most populous among jewelers, architects and scale modelers. And one of the reasons is that it can create exceptional edgy and geometric jewelry designs.

SketchUp has the free version which one could try out for a start. After gaining mastery with the trial version then it’s time to upgrade to a paid version with more advanced features.

It is a blend of simple to complex user interface and excellent functionality to make just the perfect jewelry design. The software makes it possible to sketch up creative jewelry designs using the learning aid for newbies. For advanced users, the exceptional drawing tools help hone their skills even better.

Its initial name was SketchUp Make with SketchUp free being an internet-based application. SketchUp has the desktop version for those who subscribe to the paid version, SketchUp Pro. SketchUp Pro comes with all the features and functionalities required to create 3D modeling. Other features include the print function; to print prototypes after downloading and installing STL export module for free.

Download SketchUp

Watch this video to learn how you can design jewelry in SketchUp:


RhinoGold [Intermediate users]


For those conversant with 3D modeling, then Rhino3D should be familiar. RhinoGold’s popularity lies in the ability to help jewelry designers create impressive designs. Industrial builders, architects, and jewelers find the Rhino3D very impressive for creating precise and complex models.

Rhino3D has several versions but the RhinoGold version should be an excellent pick for the best software to design jewelry. With RhinoGold, a more experienced jeweler can create intricate designs with all the necessary curves.

This software can help put the jewelry pieces together step by step with different prototypes. It has several functionalities to allow for making exciting jewelry designs for halos, pendants, body rings, bracelets, earrings, eternity bands, etc.

Another plus for RhinoGold; it’s possible to start from the scratch to build a new jewelry design. Using its unique engraving or modeling modules it’s easy to create some of the best jewelry designs using this software.

Download RhinoGold

Watch RhinoGold in action:


Matrix [Intermediate and advanced jewelers]

Matrix jewelry design

The 3D Matrix software is a popular brand amongst professional jewelers. It offers one of the more impressive, versatile and user-friendly tools for 3D printing of jewelry with different prototypes. For the best result, use Matrix from the scratch in creating jewelry concepts and intricate designs.

The 3D CAD version was designed specifically for jewelers and it is a bit more advanced for a beginner user. It would require mastery or getting-used-to before one can manipulate the 3D CAD expertly. And the reason is that 3D CAD was designed by professionals with excellent but complex functionalities.

It works just as well as the Rhino but with a more exceptional interface and attention to details for jewelers. To make it easier though, the developers of the software included a step-by-step builder interface for creating designs plus exploring tools.

Download Matrix


AutoCAD [Intermediate and advanced jewelers]


AutoCAD offers one of the most advanced tools for designs that make your work more professional and explosive for a jewelry designer. It is arguably one of the best software to design jewelry today. AutoCAD is commercial level jewelry software that even a beginner can quickly learn how to use. It shouldn’t take so long to become a professional jewelry designer using this tool.

Its 2D, 3D function makes it possible to create designs of different shapes and intricate details with ease plus it’s well-priced. AutoCAD has lighting effects, hatching and annotation functions that helps users adjust or render designs creating photo-realism.

The friendly graphic user interface make designing complex structures and designs seamless. With the GUI, it’s possible to re-arrange the toolbar to a more convenient work area. There are an appreciable number of commands to learn in becoming more familiar with AutoCAD and to design smoothly. AutoCAD is compatible with most operating systems and allows for easy import and export of files even from your PC to Apple computers.

Download AutoCAD

Final Verdict

The AutoCAD version presents the overall best software to design jewelry for professionals. It is not just cost-effective but also easy to use in creating blueprints to more delicate rendered models.

For beginners or intermediate users advancing gradually, SketchUp Pro might just be the way to go!  SketchUp has an intriguing CAD program for starters with a customizable user interface to create exceptional 2D and 3D CAD.

Jostling for the best software to design jewelry? Take note that the above jewelry creation software can definitely offer exceptional performance anytime. They all arguably make the best jewelry making software.

However, the best pick would differ for each person based on interest, purpose, price and available features.

Also, it pays to start off with a jewelry designing software free download version just to try out. Besides each 2D CAD software or 3D CAD software for jewelry creation has its own fan base due to user experience. Some jewelry software is more popular with a higher market share in some country than others.

But picking any of the suggested 2D CAD software or 3D CAD software listed above won’t be wrong! Have a splendid jewelry software design experience!



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