10 best karaoke software for Windows PC to sing your heart out

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karaoke software for Windows PC

Have you ever wished to organize your own karaoke party, or tried preparing for a singing competition audition but you just didn’t have the right tools for it?

Well, that’s why karaoke software were designed, to help you belt out your favorite tunes without the hassle of singing the lyrics from your phone screen, or having to tirelessly search for the songs.

We checked out the best karaoke software for Windows PC and here are our top picks for 2017.

Best karaoke software for Windows PC

  1. PC DJ Karaoki
  2. Karafun
  3. One Karaoke
  4. Just Karaoke 2
  5. Siglos
  6. Kanto Karaoke
  7. Aria
  8. Walaoke
  9. OkeOke.net
  10. Karaoke 5

1. PC DJ Karaoki (recommended)

karaoke software for Windows PC

If you’re planning a party at your house, or a get together with your squad, this is the ultimate karaoke software for bragging rights.

You not only benefit from the usual features like singer rotation, history, key control, and screen display, but also get cloud integration, option to configure the colors for the menu, lock screen, drag and drop loading, and so much more.

As the name suggests, it is not as simple to use as other karaoke software, but if you get around to using it, you’ll have the best party machine in the hood and a rich karaoke experience.

    –  Download now PC DJ Karaoke free version

2. Kanto Karaoke

karaoke software for Windows PC

This is one of the best karaoke software for Windows PC that comes laden with a host of features. Besides supporting most major formats like the MP3, KAR, and others, it also supports video formats, plus you get to record your voice, sing, and also record your own performance – good for judging how you’d fair in an audition.

It also comes with settings for a microphone with high quality sound input/output, transforming your PC into a professional karaoke deck. You can also view your favorite song’s lyrics on full screen, or set it on live performance mode with unlimited number of tracks for the full musical enjoyment.

If you’re thinking of a get together, family reunion, or just want to throw a party, get Kanto Karaoke to liven things up. It is professional, innovative, plus so simple to use.

Some great features include unlimited playlists you can create and say goodbye to song searches, fade out effect, quality playback, audio settings feature so you can change the key or pitch, and tempo of the song. These features are usually available on dedicated audio editing tools.

You can also create a singers’ list for those lined up to sing, activate background music and effects like clapping or jeers to make it like a real live performing experience.

Get Kanto Karaoke

3. KaraFun Player

karaoke software for Windows PC

This is one of the most popular and best karaoke software for Windows PC. It is commonly used and ranks high on searches for karaoke software because of its popularity.

It is also highly downloaded because it is available for free! But what makes it a top pick is its convenient features such as personalizing pitch and tempo, over 28000 studio-quality karaoke songs, save to favorite, history of tracks played, offline syncing so you can use it when not connected to the Internet, and so much more.

This software transforms your PC into a karaoke machine as you get the Dual Display feature which you can use to move the screen to an external monitor, plus play so many karaoke files for hours on end. Exercise your vocals with this karaoke software and sing your heart out!

Get KaraFun player

4. One Karaoke

One Karaoke


This karaoke software for Windows PC is simple to use, and can run any type of file with features such as song management, support for most major file types such as MP3, WMV, WMA, AVI, among others.

You can also use it with wired or wireless hardware such as mice and keyboards so you can operate it either way.

Get One Karaoke

5. Just Karaoke 2

karaoke 2

As its name suggests, it’s just one of the best karaoke software for Windows PC. It delivers the full digital performance with all the features and requirements to let you host a great party or karaoke show at that.

You get to benefit from features such as a dual output screen, singer announcement, a song manager, easy song searches, sound effects, rotation, plus a list of more than 70000 songs, and so much more.

Get Just Karaoke 2

6. Siglos Karaoke

karaoke software for Windows PC

First off, we’re not sure what Siglos means, but it sounds like it will drop an awesome karaoke experience. Here’s why. Siglos is a professional karaoke software for Windows PC that is easy to run, comes with a dual screen display, and fast song search so you don’t have to wait too long.

It also supports major formats such as MP3G, BIN, MIDI karaoke, and others, including video formats. Like other karaoke software, you also get singer rotation, history, pitch and tempo management, a preview window, and your lyrics look so good on the screen display.

If you run a club or want to use it for commercial purposes, this is your best bet. It may not be preferable for personal use because it is priced at $100, but if you can get it, even better for you. Like a juke box, simply load all your favorite jams to this software and get the party started.

Get Siglos

7. Aria

karaoke software for Windows PC

Aria is another easy to use karaoke software for Windows PC that has a user friendly interface, and lets you play your favorite songs when you want.

It also comes with different play modes you can choose from for an authentic karaoke experience.

Get Aria

8. Walaoke

Walaoke karaoke


This karaoke software for Windows PC is available for free. Its features include playing songs with a click, support for major file formats, lyrics display, saving tracks and channels, plus you can play DVD or VCD, whichever tickles your fancy.

Get Walaoke

9. OkeOke.net Karaoke

karaoke software for Windows PC

This is an open source karaoke software for Windows PC that is available for free too. Its features include information storage in a local database, song searches, keyword search and selection of songs by remote control, and support for major file formats. You can also save it on your external hard disk, and even record your own songs and share them online.

Get OkeOke.net

10. Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5


This karaoke software supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 PCs. It is for use with both amateurs and/or professionals. Its features include a dual screen display, mix control, broadcasting facilities for performances, or live shows, plus support for major audio and video formats. You can get the pro version for $155 or home version for $33, but a free version is available though with limited features.

Get Karaoke5

Have you found your favorite karaoke software for Windows PC that you’d like to use at home or in the next bash? Let us know in the comments section below.


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