Kaspersky says it will never support Windows 10 Insider builds

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Windows 10 builds are rough versions of the OS rolled out for testing purposes only, meaning you should never expect a build to run smoothly or that security issues won’t ever arise.

For the time being, Windows 10 builds are only protected by Windows Defender as antivirus developers have yet to offer support for Windows 10 builds because these OS versions are far too unstable. As a result, Insiders take serious risks when enrolling in this testing program, risks ranging from installation issues and Cortana-related problems as reported in the current build, to more malicious security risks.

So far, Kaspersky is the only antivirus developer to have explained why it does not support Windows 10 builds, citing that it cannot guarantee the stability of its antivirus program on Windows 10 builds.

Kaspersky has never supported beta builds or preview versions of any operating system and it’s very unlikely that this will change, as we cannot guarantee the stability of our product on such builds. As a result, the chances of our product supporting such builds in the future is to be honest extremely low.
We absolutely respect your decision to continue using the Insider preview build and uninstall Kaspersky instead but in such a case there is not unfortunately anything further that we can do.

When Insiders enroll in this program, the first thing they notice is that their antivirus won’t install or load. The Windows 10 code in builds is constantly undergoing major restructuring, and will often break old apps. It is very unlikely that Kaspersky and other antivirus developers can work on a fix because of the rapid release of updated builds. In other words, the antivirus compatibility fix for build 14342 will no longer be relevant for the next build.

Being an Insider is a great opportunity to be the first to test out newly developed apps and features and, at the same time, help Microsoft to improve its OS  before mainstream release. However, make sure you are running Windows 10 builds on your home computer only and not in production environments.



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