Windows 10 Preview build 14342 causes many problems for Insiders

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Windows 10 Preview build 14342 is here, and it brought a handful of improvements to the system, but also caused some problems to Insiders who installed it. If you follow our site, you probably know that we write a report article, based on reported problems in the current build.

According to the number of reported problems in build 14342, we have a lot to write about. So, keep reading, and you’ll find what bothers Windows Insiders who installed the latest Windows 10 Preview build.

Windows 10 Preview build 14342 reported problems

As always, we start our report with build installation issues. A few users reported on Microsoft’s Community forum that they’re unable to install the build.

“I’d read about the release of Build 14342 to the Fast Ring, so I checked my update status to see if it had been downloaded to my desktop computer where I found the following: “Update Status: There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: Windows 10 Insider Preview 14342 – Error 0x80240fff””

Unfortunately, people from the forums didn’t have a proper solution for this problem. We don’t have the exact solution either, but if you’re also facing this issue, we recommend running the WUReset Script, which is used for solving various update problems. However, we cannot guarantee that running this script will solve the problem.

Cortana didn’t get any improvements in the latest Preview build, but that doesn’t mean the build didn’t cause any Cortana-related problems to users who installed it. One user said that Cortana crashes whenever he inputs text.

“Cortana has been consistently broken on my device. When I give it a query (search works fine, but everything else is broken), whether by voice, text or Hey Cortana, Cortana stalls. No “Listening…” in the search bar, it just sits there forever. If I’m lucky, it crashes. I’m a developer, who is implementing Cortana in his apps, so I can’t test the functionality (as I have one device, running the preview).”

cortana crashes windows 10 build 14342

Microsoft is actually aware of this problem, and as its engineer Jason D said, the development team is working on the solution, so we should expect this flaw to be solved in one of the future builds.

The biggest highlight of build 14342 is the introduction of a few Microsoft Edge improvements, and new features. But besides these new additions, some users also encountered some issues in Windows 10’s browser. First reported problem is about Edge failing to open some websites.

“I’ve just upgraded to 14342 and Edge is pretty much throwing up error messages on every website I go to except Google and Microsoft.  For example, looks as if it opens fine, the page then goes white, it reloads and then displays : “This page is having a problem Loading”

Another Microsoft Edge-related issue that users reported is the problem with the browser not opening. “On one of my four machines running 14342, Edge does not start at all. It flashes up a blue window with the Edge logo on it, then simply vanishes. Any suggestions?”

edge problems build 14342

Unfortunately, none of these problems received a valid solution from the community forums. It appears that the only thing users can do is waiting for Microsoft to release a new build.

We continue our report with problems in Windows 10’s Insider Hub. Namely, a couple of users complained that they’re not able to install the Feedback Hub app in the latest Windows 10 Preview build.

“Once I get 14342 installed and try to install Feedback @ Settings/System/Apps & Features/Manage Optional Features/Add a Feature…the build tells me there are no optional features available for installation!  Meaning, with yet another build, I am unable to supply Feedback.”

Apparently, this isn’t such a serious issue, as it actually gets fixed by itself. Once the new build is installed, some time needs to pass until some system features are available for download, and Feedback Hub appears to be one of these features. So, if your encountering the problem with installing Feedback Hub, as well, just wait for a couple of hours, and you should be able to install this feature without any problems.

Problem with audio was common in early Windows 10 Preview builds, but users didn’t reported such issue in quite some time. However, it looks like the problem returned in Windows 10 Preview build 14342, as one user said  on the Community Forum that sound on his computer randomly stops working.

“Since the upgrade, my sound will randomly stop working. When this happens the Windows Event Log service will also stop running. I have the latest drivers installed for my sound cards. I use both the onboard and a pci sound, I have been using this configuration since Windows Vista with no issues. I have also disabled the onboard sound, and still have the same issues.”

Microsoft engineers unfortunately didn’t have the proper solution for this problem, but if you’re also encountering sound problems in the latest Windows 10 Preview build, we can recommend you to check our article about sound problems in Windows 10.

That would be all for Windows 10 Preview build 14342 issues reported so far. As you can see, the new build is only one day old, and we already have a lot of issues, which definitely isn’t good. However, almost every recent Windows 10 Preview build caused numerous issues to Insiders, so the number of reported issues in this release isn’t such a big surprise.

In case you encountered some problem we didn’t list in this article, let us know in the comments, and we’ll update our report.

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If you face error code 0x80240fff this may help:
Go to Settings >> Update & security >> Windows updates >> Advanced options
There, check the box “defer upgrades”.
Now retry windows updates and it should work.
Just make sure to uncheck “defer upgrades” once you’ve updated your PC.

I would avoid this one if you like to receive email. my account now doesn’t work at all.

Also having “Defender” Issues and “Feedback Hub” not working.
I am sure it will be fixed by the next time – I can then share…
It is great to be an Insider contributing “making windows better”.

the fix is don let the computer go to sleep. turn off usb sleeping and put up a good screensaver. i got a blak like start menu and when i restarted i got stop error. somehow sdk june 2010 was installed too. ive played sin 1 e and everything works fine. just wait 4k a stable wersion (v) sign. redstone 240 586 and 3rd version REDSTONE would have fixed many bugs. TRY OUT PI* win 10 ONLY *priew insider has many bugs.

And the award for stupidest article of the week goes to….

I’t an insider fast ring build, it’s SUPPOSED to be buggy, that’s the entire point. What’s the point in making a big song and dance about it? Insiders sign up for this.

Uninstall of KB4038788 fixes a blank monitor issue for me.

KB4038788 did not fix my issues.

Windows 10 was working fine until Microsoft broke Windows 10 dual monitor
support on my Dell Inspiron 530 computer (OS was upgraded from WinVista,
to Win7, subsequently upgraded to Win10). The problem with KB4038788
seems to be a backward compatibility problem with older OEM video drivers.

In summary (proposed solution):

1. Microsoft broke my Dell OEM video driver support for dual monitors in KB4038788. A subsequent update in KB4040724 does not resolve this issue.

2. Symptom: After a Sleep or Shutdown dual monitors do not work. Only the primary monitor has a display.

3. A complete Windows Restart restores dual monitor functionality.

4. Alternatively, (after Sleep or Shutdown resume) pressing


to reload the video driver will restore the second monitor.

Hopefully Microsoft will fix their video driver incompatibilities contained in KB4038788 in an up-coming update. Otherwise I have committed “Ctrl+Shift+Win+B” to memory!! 🙁

Its not like the author was bit**ing. I actually found it a bit surprising how buggy this build was compared to the last. I lost the mail and calendar app and edge keeps crashing. I checked out this article to see if people were experiencing the same things. My feedback hub won’t start and I was curious to know. I am always amazed by how arrogant people are. You find no use for this information, so it must be useless. Then you insult the author using “stupidest”. Awesome

Hi There, i lost mail app as well. It is now impossible to receive mail. When i go to edit account settings, instead of letting me do so it goes to the Microsoft page which is totally useless for this setting. They obviously didn’t check mail was working before they released this build as it worked mostly fine before.
i get they want to show improvements with a next build but it baffles me why they bother releasing one that doesn’t support basic functionality like email.

An update to this, i tried adding a new pop3 email address manually. All data was correct to my service providers instructions and it still fails and says there is an error receiving email. It did allow me to add the account , it just doesn’t work.
I understand this update is now on the slow ring . Why would they allow this to the slow ring with broken pop 3 support?

Actually it’s NOT supposed to be buggy except in very minimal ways, especially on the Slow Ring, which this build has now been pushed to. These are not beta tests.