Microsoft Re-Issues KB2952664, KB2976978 and KB2977759 Updates for Windows 10 Upgrade

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Microsoft released a couple of updates and patches not just for Windows 10, but for other operating systems, as well, over the course of past few days. After issuing an important stability update for Windows 10, the company now presented a few updates for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server.

So, we have KB2952664 for Windows 7, KB2976978 for Windows 8.1, and KB2977759 for Windows 7 (Service Pack 1). We have to mention that all these compatibility updates were available before, but Microsoft apparently decided to re-release them, so users who originally missed them can make sure that their computers are ready for Windows 10.

However, besides these re-released updates, Microsoft also issued two new updates, that will improve the Update Client on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server.

The purpose of these updates is improving system’s compatibility, so users can upgrade to Windows 10 easier.

Microsoft Re-releases Compatibility Patches for Windows

We’ll start with the KB2952664 update. This update basically provides some compatibility improvements to Windows 7, when users want to upgrade to Windows 10. As said on Microsoft forums, users of Windows 7 won’t receive this update unless they initiate an upgrade process, so Microsoft will deliver the update as a part of a standard compatibility check before upgrading to Windows 10.

Next is the KB2976978 update. It basically does the same thing as the KB2952664, but only for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The update will scan your computer for any potential compatibility issues before upgrading to Windows 10, and it will assure you that your computer is ready for upgrade.

Another update has been released for Windows 7, and that is the KB2977759 update. This is the same update as previous two, but aimed for users of Windows 7 RTM version (Service Pack 1).

We noticed that Microsoft stopped to deliver ‘critical’ changes to its previous operating systems, in order to ‘force’ users to upgrade to Windows 10, probably because the amount of complaints was too big. But the company still delivers some small updates and changes, that will make the upgrade process easier.

However, we assume that Microsoft now has a new strategy of convincing people to upgrade to Windows 10, and that is through offering free games in the Windows Store, and optimizing Windows 10 to be the best gaming operating system out there.


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