KB3140745 Update for Initial Version of Windows 10 Improves Core Features

by Radu Tyrsina
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Yesterday, Microsoft released cumulative update KB3140768. While it didn’t bring any new features, it brought a lot of bug fixes and various other improvements.

If you’ve been following what’s been going on with Windows 10 lately, you know there are two versions: the version 1511 November Update and the 10240 July 2015 RTM version. KB3140768 was released for Windows 10 v1511, while KB3140745 is aimed at those using the “original” version of Windows 10 from this summer.

KB3140745 released for Windows 10 “original” version

Just like the other update, this one too brings “quality improvements and security fixes” as “no new operating system features are being introduced in this update.” So, here’s an overview of the main changes brought by these update:

  • Improved support for apps, smart card logon, dual Ethernet cards, and Appraiser.
  • Improved reliability for OS shutdown, group policy application, displays, virtual machines, and Windows Update.
  • Improved performance for content entry in apps, BitLocker, and update installation and notification.
  • Fixed issue with printing in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed security issues created when attempting to play corrupted content.
  • Fixed security issue that could allow remote code execution while viewing a PDF in Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed additional issues with system sounds, file properties, spellcheck, logon, and Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed additional security issues with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, USB storage driver, kernel-mode drivers, .NET Framework, graphic fonts, OLE, secondary logon, and PDF library.

As you can see, while the update doesn’t bring in any new features, the number of fixes is quite high —making makes it a mandatory update if you’re still on the July Windows 10 version.

Seeing as this update is shepherding fixes to core features of the system, such as OS shutdown, group policy application, displays, virtual machines, and Windows Update, it’s easy to see that this is a must-have update and everybody should have it on their systems.

We’ll be analyzing this update in detail and will follow up in case we find other important features worthy of mention.

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